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Wall lights are perhaps not the most common kind of lighting in our homes today, but for those who have corridors and/or large rooms, wall lights are the best choice of lighting. They also look great when, for example, placed over the bed or next to the sofa.

With us at BGA, you'll find what is perhaps the best range of wall lights on the market. In other words, we've got wall lights in lots of different styles, with something for everybody – regardless of whether you want a modern, rustic or turn of the century decor in your home.

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    Do you need more lighting in your home, but don't have the space, since all available surfaces are already bursting with decorative details? Maybe you've got a wall that, on the other hand, is completely empty, but which you don't know what to do with? In that case, wall lamps are the perfect thing for you! When we try to get more lighting into our homes, it's easy to forget wall lamps, despite them being a both practical and decorative kind of lighting that looks good in lots of parts of the home.


    If you've got lots of space left on your walls and want to decorate with some lighting, then wall lighting isn't to be sniffed at. A wall lamp is decorative, at the same time as bringing more light into your home – so it can be a good idea to combine several. Good lighting in the home is maybe more important than you believe. By combining different types of lamps, you can create an interesting atmosphere in your home, at the same time as giving your decor a cosy feeling. Wall lamps are also perfect for localised lighting, allowing you to direct the viewer's focus to something specific. On the other hand, other kinds of wall lighting, such as a ceiling lights, give a more widespread light, while floor lamps only light up the space where they're put. If you want to get a cosy feeling in your home, it can be a good idea to turn off the ceiling light, but keep wall lamps on.

    Good lighting really affects us a lot at home. During the dark winter, good lighting that creates a nice atmosphere in the home can help us to feel a little better. And even during the summer months, it can still be nice to have a little cosy lighting for when the sun has set. Good lighting also helps with certain daily chores such as cleaning and cooking. It helps you see dust bunnies more clearly, and reading a recipe is easier on the eyes if you have good lighting. Good lighting is also, naturally, helpful when working or studying. If you need to work on something when it's dark outside, then it's good to be able to sit in a cosy armchair next to a wall lamp that gives you localised lighting, meaning that you won't need to strain your eyes too much. And all this is without mentioning how useful wall lamps are and how many places you can put them in! Remember to complement your new wall lamp with a compatible lightbulb, such as a climate-friendly LED one.


    Wall lighting has lots of different uses, and, as well as being a very practical kind of lighting, is also very decorative. Putting a wall lamp in the hall is perfect if you've got lots of wall space in your hall, but need to prioritise having furniture and storage on the floor. A wall lamp can also be placed over the bed – perfect for reading in the evenings. There are some wall lamps that are suited to the bathroom, since you often need a wall lamp over a bathroom cabinet or mirror. If you're looking for a wall lamp for your bathroom, it's important to read about which lamps can be used in bathrooms. In the living room, meanwhile, a wall lamp can make for a nice wall decoration when combined with pictures over a sofa. A wall lamp is, in other words, a fantastically multifaceted kind of lamp. It's underappreciated by many, but a must-have in your home!


    Wall lamps truly are an attractive decorative detail, and at BGA we offer a large selection of different wall lamps so that you can easily find one that matches your decor. Different lamps give different sense of character to a home, and it's great fun browsing lamps to find exactly the right one that's perfect for you. Maybe you've got an industrial style in your home and would be more attracted to a black, metal wall lamp with leather detailing? Or maybe you like luxurious and sophisticated interior design, and are looking for a brass lamp with an opal white glass lampshade? No matter what style you have in your home, we at BGA can promise that we have something for you - no matter whether you're looking for a stylistically simple white wall lamp or one with a retro design that stands out a bit more. There are also, with certain lamps, different sizes to choose from. Some are larger and make for a real eye-catcher in your home, and some have a more discreet design. But at the end of the day, no matter how large or small the lamp is, it will be a great addition that brings light to your home. A wall lamp gives any room a simple boost!