With a nice shelf, you both create a pleasant atmosphere and open up more interior design possibilities. Why not make a still life scene with decorations, or use your shelf practically for storing small jars, tools or spices? The possibilities are endless – take a look at our large selection of shelves!

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    Showing 4 products

    Wall shelves – extra lustre for your home!

    Wall shelves give your room a spacious feeling at the same time as being both practical and attractive. Some wall shelves are attractive in and of themselves, so they can work as decorative detail all by themselves. However, you also want to use them for storing things such as decorations, books, plants etc. No matter what kind of wall shelf suits your home, you can fill it with the things you like. Even if you buy the same shelf as a friend, or someone on Instagram, you can make your wall shelf personal.

    Wall shelves for all rooms

    Do you think it's hard to decide where to put shelves? Then we've got good news for you – shelves suit all kinds of room! Whether it's a little room or a big one, you can be sure to find the right shelves. If you've got a big room, you can always fill it with more than just one shelf. You can either mix different kinds, or have several of the same. It's a good way to create space if your home is small, and it also helps fill up large rooms so that they look a little less empty. A large room can feel a bit "naked", and a little room can feel a bit cramped if you don't use different kinds of shelf for storage. In other words, shelves are a kind of furniture that work for everybody!

    Several different shelves create a cool look

    Do you think that if you've got a certain type of wall shelf, all of your other shelves must have the same design? Then think again! In fact, having different kinds of wall shelves in the same room also works well. It's all about how you choose to decorate the room and how you choose your shelves. If you use them in the right way, and find a style where several different shelves can be used at the same time, you'll give your room a truly cool and attractive feeling. All you've got to do is trust your style and dare to take risks!

    Round shelves bring out the best of style

    Round shelves are a very cool type of shelf. Just as a round mirror gives a room a beautiful touch, a round shelf also gives a well thought-out and fashionable look to the room in which it is hung up. We at BGA are extra keen on mixing differently shaped shelves, since we think it looks extra cool. It also looks good to have more than one round shelf. You can either put them next to each other on a wall, or put them in different places in the same room.

    Large or small shelf?

    What works best in your home – a large or a small shelf? Remember not to buy one that's far too big if you're planning on putting it up in a small room. That will lead to not having enough space for other things on the wall. If you've got a large home then you can put up shelves without them taking up too much space or attention. If, however, you've got a small home, then a large wall shelf can be a bit too much.

    Stylish and modern

    To create modern and stylish interior design at home, you can use different kinds of shelves. Often, your choice of shelves says a lot about you and what kind of decor you want. Are you one of those people that thinks plain and stylistically simple shelving looks good? Or maybe you like shelves which, like statement pieces, proudly take up space? No matter what kind of person you are, you'll find the kind of shelf you're looking for with us. Whether you like angular shelves that look like a cube, or whether you like shelving with leather bands, you'll find exactly what you're looking for in our range.

    Nice trends for a good price

    It's always fun to update your home and your decor. The best thing is, it's easy to freshen up your home in a jiffy, without it costing a small fortune. Whether you go for new shelves, or if you go for textiles, mirrors or something else, you'll be able to give your home a fresh feeling on a budget. You don't need to redecorate the whole home as soon as it starts to feel a bit old and worn out. Instead, you can go for the smaller details to give the whole thing a facelift.