Side table

Side tables can make for very practical surfaces where you can, for example, place lamps, candlesticks and other decorative details. A perfect piece of furniture for that bit of space that feels a bit empty. What about by the sofa? How about putting a round metal side table there? Or what about a square, wooden one? You're sure to find something you like in our selection of side tables!

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    Side tables – a delightful decorative detail!

    To get a little extra elegance into your home, you can go for different kinds of side table. There's a side table for every room and style, so it's not hard to find the right one. Maybe you've never had a side table before? Then it's high time to get one! They look great and cool, at the same time as being fashionable and functional. In other words, a side table meets all your furniture requirements. Let yourself be inspired by our side tables, and plan the decor in the rest of the room according to your choice of table. It's the perfect piece of furniture to start with when planning your decor, but can also work as a decorative detail to add to a finished room.

    Colour and shape

    With just a little inspiration and imagination, you can do a lot with colour and shape. Side tables can be put wherever you think they work best, so they're a very practical piece of furniture that can be moved around the home until you find the right place. Because side tables tend to be small, they suit smaller apartments as well as larger homes. It's nice to be able to put a side table in a cramped hall without making it look strange. Similarly, it's great to be able to put a table next to the sofa without making it too crowded. By all means, large tables have their place. But side tables have that little bit extra! Since side tables come in lots of different colours, it's even easier to find one that suits you. All you need to do is choose a side table that feels right for you and your home!

    Guaranteed style with the right side table

    Despite their diminutive size, side tables can still set exactly the right style for the rest of the room. A nice side table, one which radiates a self-assured feeling of stylishness, will be both nice to look at and to use. Isn't it fun with furniture that's a bit showy? We think so. Side tables are perfect for it. If you don't want to go for bold interior design overall, then side tables and other smaller decorative details can help you bring a daring but subtle element to your decor.

    Perfect size?

    What is the perfect size for a side table? The perfect size for a side table is when it hits that sweet spot and work as a "side kick" for the rest of the furniture around it. Of course, it can be hard to know whether you should, for example, go for a round table, a table with classic design, a super-fashionable side table or perhaps a rectangular side table with a shelf below. Luckily, you can always measure beforehand, and that way know what to go for before you buy. That way, there's less risk of making the wrong purchase.

    Get a new style quickly with a new side table

    Sometimes you feel like doing a quick renovation at home. In these situations, a new side table can be the right choice. A side table is a quick way to freshen up a room, both in terms of the table itself and what you choose to put on it. Maybe you think an aesthetic lamp is needed for your side table? Or maybe a fruit bowl, a large vase with flowers or some books? That which best suits you and your style will be that which freshens up your room, so you've just got to listen to and go for your own style.

    Good free space

    Tables give you lots of free space, no matter where in your home you put them. Some tables get more use than others. This often depends on where you put them. For example, lots of people use side tables for putting tea mugs on while watching a film. Side tables also work perfectly as hall tables. If you put a side table in a hall, it will really come into its own as a free space to put things on!

    Does it match the other tables of the room?

    Do you want the same style, or maybe the same design, on all your tables? It's not unusual to go for matching tables when it comes to making the big purchase. If, however, you want to match your new side table with a larger table that you already have, then you should either go for the same colour, same material, same look or a combination of all that and more. If you don't want to match, and prefer instead mixing different styles in the same room, then there are lots of nice side tables that you can add to your decor.

    Side tables work everywhere!

    What's really great with side tables is that they're so easy to find a good place for. Everybody can find space for a side table, no matter how much or how little space you have. That's why side tables work for all kinds of home. Kitschy homes, retro homes, modern and stylistically simple homes, classic and old-timey homes... all look just as good with an attractive side table in the right place.