Black & white posters – always timelessly stylish

Black & white posters come with all kinds of images and in all kinds of styles. Nonetheless, there is one thing they all have in common: black & white posters suit all kinds of home, and blend in no matter what colour scheme you choose. Here below, you'll find some tips on using black & white posters!

Black & white posters with graphical images

Black & white can be classic and timeless, but also feel modern and trendy. If you want to go even more modern, you can choose graphical posters in black & white tones. Soft shapes or straight lines, minimalistic or detailed designs – there are black & white posters for all tastes.

Graphical posters in black & white

Black & white posters with photography

Black & white photos have a totally different feeling to colour photos. Regardless of whether the photo shows a person, an animal, a building or a plant, black & white photos have a special kind of depth and give a slightly more artistic impression. For exactly that reason, posters with black & white photographs also look very handsome on the wall.

Posters with black & white photographs

Black & white posters with text

Simple, powerful, stylish. Find black & white posters with text that matches your personality, with funny or fitting quotes, or with encouraging messages that motivate you.

Large black & white poster with text - decoration in a hall

Black & white posters with text and quotes

Which picture frames fit with black & white posters?

There are no particular rules for choosing a picture frame for your black & white posters. For a unified and stylistically simple look you can, of course, choose black or white picture frames. If you want to give your black & white posters an especially elegant profile, you can give them picture golden or silver picture frames; these colours actually work particularly well with black & white images. Even slightly more colourful picture frames can be very impactful with black & white posters, and can lend the black & white subject – which can sometimes give a slightly serious impression – a somewhat more easygoing and playful feeling. Mixing up the types of picture frame is also a good way to make a lively and interesting picture wall!

Picture wall with black & white posters

Are you looking for inspiration for your picture walls with black & white prints? Here are some pictures!

Pictures of living rooms and bedrooms with picture walls and black & white posters

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