DIY: make your own mirrored table – in 10 minutes!

Creating your own exclusive mirrored table doesn't need to be harder than placing a mirror over a coffee table – as proven by our creative customer Michelle. This is how she did it!

A mirrored table is a trendy decorative detail that really creates a striking effect, and makes a big and stylish impression. Apart from the fact that a mirrored table gleams in that irresistible and exclusive way, it also helps to create depth, light, and space in the room.

It was exactly these characteristics that @michelle__kruse was after when she began to look for a new coffee table for her living room. But because she needed two, she soon realised that the cost would be too high if she were to buy ready-made mirrored tables. By chance, Michelle ended up on our online store, and found a solution there. 

- I came up with the idea when I was going to buy a new coffee table. I had looked at mirrored tables for a long time in other shops, but because I wanted to have two, it looked like it was going to cost several hundred pounds. So I looked around on the web for tabletops made of glass, but found almost nothing. By chance, I came across BGA, and when I saw all the beautiful mirrors they sell, I came up with the idé of using mirrors as tabletops, she tells us.

Several possibilities

Michelle had fallen in love with – and had at first decided to go with – our Prestige Oxidized mirror, but then, another candidate caught her eye.

- I saw the Premium Cold Grey mirror, and when I saw the beautiful, cold-grey colour, and the exclusive appearance, I didn't hesitate for a second that it was the mirror for me, she says. 

Coffee table with mirror glass – a simple process

Michelle searched for the tables she would use. Originally they had another kind of table top, which Michelle later took off. She then placed suckers on the table's frames, so that she could simply lay the mirrors on top of them, and the mirrors would be held in place.

- It was an extremely simple process, and took just 10 minutes to complete, she tells us.

Michelle ordered tables which had exactly the same diameters as the mirrors – 80 cmØ, but she says that you can even choose a mirror which is larger than the table, so that it sticks out a little.

- So you can have two different looks. But I chose the variation where the measurements fit exactly. Michelle's top tip is this: You can find lots of different kinds of tables of the size I chose, but be sure to choose one where the top can be taken off.

The result: irresistible!

When we ask if the result was as Michelle had expected, she answers:

- It was exactly as I had expected: beautiful, timeless, and exclusive!

(We can't help but agree!)

mirrored table - coffee table with grey-tinted glass 

Tips about which round mirrors you could choose for your mirrored table

These days, there are many options with this kind of project, since there are so many different types of stylish mirrors you can buy. Tinted mirror glass makes it possible to find a colour which harmonises perfectly with the decoration in the room. How about a round mirror with modern rose gold toned glass, or a classic gold tone? Or – just like Michelle chose – a mirror with sophisticated grey-tinted glass? The possibilities are endless – here are some from the Swedish brand KAILA's collection of affordable round mirrors:

Round mirrors with tinted mirror glassFrom left: 1. KAILA Round Mirror Rose Gold // 2. KAILA Round Mirror Gold // 3. KAILA Round Mirror Smoked Grey

For more inspiration, see our whole, wide range of mirrors!