Let yourself be inspired by round mirrors!

Round mirrors moved out of the bathroom and into all rooms of the home a long time ago. These days, we see round mirrors all over the place, from the bedroom and sitting room to hall and dining room. And there's really something different about round mirrors. The softness and the elegance. And that's not to mention the magical characteristic that mirrors in general – and perhaps round mirrors in particular – have. Mirrors create space and light, and can reflect both you and your personality. Here you can find great inspiration for using round mirrors!

The original round mirror

There are round mirrors with delicate details, for example mirrors which hang on brass rings, or a decorative band in imitation leather. Details which are sober and simple, but which nonetheless stand out.

Round mirrors - gold mirror - black mirror

The simple round mirror

Round mirrors with a simple and pared back design are as modern as they are timeless. A reliable choice regardless of your home's decor – trendy as well as traditional. Thin mirrors without a frame or mirrors with a faceted edge are two examples of elegant and simple mirrors.

Round mirrors - light decor

The nature-inspired round mirror

The decorative details in natural materials contribute to a warm and harmonic feeling in your home. Round mirrors with bamboo or massive wood frames are two examples of nature-inspired mirrors to welcome into your home.

Round mirrors - wooden mirror - oak mirror

The round tone mirror

Round mirrors with toned glass are very trendy – and so striking! These mirrors are an eye-catching and stylish decorative detail in your home. Choose a tone which is in harmony with the rest of the decor, or which creates an interesting contrast in the room. Simple grey or elegant rose gold are just two examples of the many tones that are around today.

Tone mirrors - round mirrors

The round mirror with lots of character

That's right, there are actually round mirrors with almost as much character as you! Mirrors which – regardless of their size – occupy a space and demand attention. They can, furthermore, be very aesthetic, especially if you find the perfect wall for them.

Unique mirrors - round mirrors - sun mirror

The round table mirror

Last but not least, we want to take up the table mirror! Table mirrors are very practical as they can easily be placed and moved around to wherever you happen to need a mirror. And that's before we've said anything about how good they can look!

Table mirrors - mirror bedroom

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