Photo wall - Tips and inspiration for photo walls

There are loads of ways to hang up your photo frames. If it is just one picture that is going up, then it is not hard to handle. If, on the other hand, it is several pictures that are to be placed on the same wall, then you need to have thought a little more before you hang them up. Here, we have chosen to take up the most common and easiest methods to get an aesthetic picture wall. Read the tips below to get the most out of your pictures.

Five ground rules everybody ought to know:

  • Portraits ought to be turned towards each other. That way, it doesn't look as though the pictures turn their backs on one another.
  • It looks nicer if you hang a large picture over a smaller one. Alternatively, the large one can go in the middle if several pictures are hanging in a horizontal grouping.
  • Dark pictures ought to be hung over light ones.
  • Hang all pictures at the same distance from each other. Five centimetres between larger pictures and 2.5 cm between smaller pictures is usually recommended.
  • Match your frames. They don't need to look exactly the same; just make sure they have the same style.

Use lines
Another good thing to think about is having a straight line based on where you hang your pictures. A line can be used in several different ways. If you have several pictures in different sizes, you can, for example, use a middle line. A middle line means that you hang your pictures slightly over the middle point of the wall, and that all of the pictures' middle points lie on exactly the same line.

´Pictures on the base line
Pictures placed on the middle line

You can also use the upper-edge line. This method works very well if you have, for example, picture frames with different shapes or if the pictures have very varying subjects. Using a upper-edge line is quite an unusual method, but it gives a good impression, especially if you have many pictures. If you choose this variant, you ought to hang the pictures slightly further up the wall.

Upper-edge line
Pictures placed on the upper-edge line

One further method that you can use is the bottom-edge line, or baseline, as it is usually called. This method is often used when hanging up bigger pictures. Depending on how high the wall is, as well as how big the pictures are, you can set the baseline somewhere between 80 cm and 140 cm from the floor. With this method, you can even use a nice picture rail.

Pictures placed on the bottom-edge line
Pictures placed on the baseline

Photo wall
When you make a photo wall, there are two different methods to choose from. Either you create a collective construction where you try to have straight outer lines, or you place the pictures more freely, but still hold even and straight lines between them. The collective construction is a tad easier to create, and you can use picture frames in different shapes. If you choose the free construction method, it can be easier if your picture frames have similar shapes. A tip for when you create your photo wall is to first place your picture frames on the floor in order to figure out the right combination.

Collective construction and free construction

The method which suits your home and your photographs best is something you must determine yourself. A good tip is to put the picture frames on a table or on the floor before you put them up on the wall. That way, you can try out the different ways of placing them before you get out the hammer and nails.

Good luck!