Playful posters for the children's room

Decorating the children's room is probably hard to do without a smile on your lips. An opportunity for you to draw out your own childlike mind and dream yourself away in the magical worlds of children. Children's pictures and posters are simple tools to make the children's room more snug, dreamlike, personal and playful – below is a little inspiration!

When children are really young they certainly think a lot, but maybe don't have such strong opinions specifically about decoration. Consequently, it's you that gets to revel in the choices about furniture, lighting, children's pictures and other decorations. When the child gets a little older it can, on the other hand, be a nice idea to let them decide for themselves and let them give their opinions and fix their decor (in any case just a little bit).

Wall art for the very youngest

For the very smallest bundles of joy it feels natural to have cute images; such as light balloons, fluffy clouds and sweet, small animals. Cute can, however, even be stylish and simple.

Childrens' room decor - posters for the bathroomIn the pictures to the left: Sleeping Beauty & Wait hold this // In the pictures to the right: Elephant With Balloons & Cat With Balloon

Animals tag along

Cute little animals can absolutely tag along as the child gets older. Children's pictures with elephants and bears are classic. Images with giraffes, owls and rabbits likewise.

Childrens' room decor - posters with elephants and bearsIn the pictures to the left: Wood elephant Light, Wood elephant Dark & Wood bear // In the pictures to the right: Little drummer

Who lives here?

With personal posters you have the opportunity to make the room the child's own. A birth poster with the child's birth-date, weight and length is one example. A name poster with the child's name, together with a cute and fitting image, is another.

Childrens' room decor - name posters for childrenIn the picture: Owls Birth Poster Pink

Small posters for posters for little-big individuals

There's no doubt that small children can have big personalities. But they are of course small anyway, and small posters can, therefore, be extra cute in the children's room. For example, as a part of an aesthetic wall collage.

Childrens' room decor - cuddly animals and childrens' picturesIn the picture: Rabbits in the Forest & Wood bear

Dreams, interests and future prospects

When the child gets a little older, it's easier to capture a sense of their dreams and interests in decor. They can, as mentioned earlier, also be interested in choosing their wall art themselves. Maybe you have a future astronaut in your home?

Childrens' room decor - poster with astronaut

Stylish and playful patent drawings

Posters with patent drawings are very stylish to have on the wall. And who has said that a children's room can't be stylish? A patent drawing of the Batmobile is both stylish and playful at the same time!

Childrens' room decor - Model car and poster with patent drawing of batmobileIn the picture: Patent drawing - Batman - Batmobile 1990 I


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