Standing mirrors – so practical, so elegant!

If you need a full-length mirror, but don't want to drill large holes in the wall, then a standing mirror is a very good alternative. Standing mirrors are available in all possible variations and styles – just as trendy as they are traditional. Apart from the standing mirror's practical functions, it is also a stylish decorative detail, which furthermore creates light and space in your home.

A standing mirror is a decorative detail with several practical points – we've listed several of them below!

You get out of drilling

Drilling a hole in the wall to set up a mirror can seem unwieldy. Maybe you're living in a sublet, or for some other reason don't want to leave large holes in the wall. In these cases, the standing mirror comes into its own. There are standing mirrors which are made to simply lean against the wall, and there are even standing mirrors with built-in supports for free-standing placement on the floor.

Practical as a full-length mirror

Standing mirrors are long, as a rule, and therefore give you the possibility of a whole-body reflection. For that reason, it's very popular to place them in, for example, the bedroom, hall, or in a luxurious walk-in-closet. In a large bathroom is also a possibility.

Bathroom decor - wooden baskets, standing mirror in oak, hangers and bathrobeIn the picture: Standing mirror Oak 53x188 cm

A standing mirror can be moved easily

Sometimes, you can have temporary need of a mirror in another room than the one in which it is placed, or you just change your mind and want to change the placement of the mirror. With a standing mirror, this is simple to achieve. Especially if you have well anticipated your (hypothetical) changeable disposition, and chosen a lighter standing mirror.

The stylishness of the standing mirror

How about a standing mirror in a modern and stylistically simple design, with frame and stand in black-painted iron? Or one in a traditional design with a beautifully decorated and white-painted frame, as well as mirror glass with an elegant, facet cut edge? Or, for those of you who like warm and nature-based decor, maybe a standing mirror in massive oak? Regardless of the execution, standing mirrors are always a stylish element in your home, which make a big impression and give you lots of practical functions.

Standing mirrors with frames in black metal, white wood and oakFrom left: 1. Standing mirror House Doctor Chic Black // 2. Versailles Standing mirror Misty White // 3. Standing mirror Oak 52x167 cm


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