Tasteful posters for the kitchen

Posters for the kitchen are available with all kinds of images, everything from stylistically simple and practical to witty and humorous. Kitchen pictures create a cosier feeling and can give the kitchen a personal touch. Here is a little inspiration!

In some kitchens there's maybe not so much wall to put a kitchen picture up on. Large parts of the kitchen walls are taken up by cabinets or windows, and many probably choose to put a clock on the little surface that's left over. For those who have the space, however, there are many different kitchen posters to choose from. A kitchen picture can also look good standing on a work surface.

For the true coffee-lover

There are some morning people who bounce up out of bed and have already hatched some of their most brilliant ideas by the time they've showered. And then there's the rest of us, who can barely formulate a coherent sentence (or thought) before the morning's first cup of coffee. This poster is dedicated to us.

Black kitchen picture against a white wall - kitchen decorIn the picture: But first coffee - Blackpainted

Coffee art and wall art in one!

We continue with the theme of coffee, but this time with focus on the connoisseur. Someone who likes that luxury feeling you get at cafes when you get a cafe latte that the barista has carefully drawn beautiful patterns on. You can take that feeling home with you to your kitchen with this poster.

Kitchen picture with coffee cups against white title - Kitchen decorIn the picture: Coffee Date

Bon appétit!

”Enjoy your meal” sounds nice, of course, but not at all as charming as the French ”Bon appétit”.

Kitchen picture with the text Bon appétit, coffee brewer and glass jars on dark worksurfaceIn the picture: Bon appetit

Don't forget the vegetables!

If you have an ambition of eating more greens, this poster can work as a tasteful reminder. If you don't manage to get vegetables on your plate every day, you have them on the wall at least. It's the thought that counts, everybody knows that!

Kitchen picture with vegetables on a white wall - kitchen decorIn the picture: Veggies

Recycle more!

Function meets simple design in this nice poster with recycling instructions. Good for the environment, good for domestic harmony.

Poster for sorting recyclables, against white wall - kitchen decorIn the picture: How You Recycle - White

Stylish patent drawings

Posters with patent drawings of the classic 30s mixer can be handsome wall art for your kitchen. They look especially elegant when you have both drawings next to each other.

Posters with patent draws of a mixer, against white wall - kitchen decorFrom left: 1. Patent drawing Mixer I // 2. Patent drawing Mixer II


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