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A personal name picture is the perfect present or decorative detail for all homes and rooms. With a unique and personal name picture, you can make both children and adults happy. You decide yourself whether the picture should be as it looks on the template, or whether it should consist of names, star signs, birth years etc.

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    Showing 19 products

    Create a personalised name poster

    Personalised name posters have become very popular in recent years and they are great as gifts - both to give and receive. The personal touch of seeing a child's name in print is what makes it such a charming and thoughtful present to give away.

    It is entirely up to you to decide what to include in the poster. We are all different and we all like different things. Decide what colour you would like on your poster and that's it! Now it's done! We have a few different variants of personalised name posters so have a look through before you decide!

    No matter what you are looking for, you will find it here in our shop, as we have several suitable and great looking personalised name posters to choose from. You will not leave our shop empty-handed!

    Get one personalised name poster for each of your children!

    It's fantastic that the range includes so many different variants to choose from. That way, it's easier to find exactly what you are looking for. For example, if you have a large family, it's pretty cool to give the same personalised name poster (with different names, of course) to all children in the family. It's really an awesome gift!

    You can also choose different colours and thus pick each child's favourite colour whilst using the same style or poster version. Our name posters can be different and personalised for each child's name.

    Hard to make a choice?

    Do you find it difficult to decide which of the personalised name posters to buy? Then you are not alone! It can often be difficult to decide when there are so many great options to choose from and that is exactly what we offer when it comes to personalised name posters.

    So, do we have a good tip to solve this problem? Our advice would be to simply think of the child first and choose one of the personalised name posters that you believe is most suitable for him or her. Your child may just be a baby and not able to have an opinion yet. If so, we recommend it is more relevant to buy a personal name poster that you as a parent like. Buy the one you like or that you think suit your child's personality the best.

    Both affordable and fun

    It is important to be able to find great gifts at affordable prices. We offer a variety of products at very reasonable prices, meaning you will always be able to find something suitable and satisfying in our store!

    Affordable personalised name posters are, without a doubt, a great gift and if you are looking for something affordable and exciting to give away then this may be one of the best options. Also check out our other products, such as picture frames, posters and more. There is a lot of great products in our range!

    Often when we are out shopping, we find something we like only to find out it is too expensive. Or, we find something affordable but realise it is of really poor quality. Whether it is gifts or something for yourself, you often have to choose between either a great product or an affordable product. Not in this case. In our store you will always find products that are both great and affordable!

    Perfect ,whether baptised or not

    It does not matter if the child who you're buying the personalised name poster for has been baptised or not. Some children get their name the day they are born and our personalised name posters are great gifts regardless!

    Today, many parents decide to have a more informal naming ceremony, instead of a baptism. A personalised name poster is always a great and suitable present to a small child for either event.

    Different sizes and different price points

    Deciding what size to choose can depend on so many things. It depends on our preferences, the room where it's going to be placed and so on. The fact that there are many different sizes is always good as some want a large poster while others want a smaller variant of the same personalised name poster model.

    It is not only the size that differs, the price also differs depending on which size and variant you choose to get. This can be a somewhat hard decision if you don't know for sure what size will fit best in your child's room. However, if it turns out you have bought a size too big then it actually looks rather cool to place a large personalised name poster on the floor. And why not if there is no room left on the walls.

    In other words, simply choose the size that appeals the most to you!