What could be better than wrapping up in a soft bath towel? Wrapping up in a soft LARGE bath sheet! The difference between bath sheets and bath towels is simply the size. Our bath sheets work just as well for daily showers as they do after a dip in the sea on a lovely summer’s day. Give your bathroom a fresh look with our selection of large bath sheets and beach sheets in lovely, soft terrycloth and give yourself that nice soft and warm feeling.

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    Showing 9 products

    Towels – form and function, all in one!

    With beautiful towels in your bathroom, the decor will look even better! Maybe having beautiful towels doesn't feel like the most important thing in the world, but towels can actually do a lot for a room. Just like with curtains, blankets, decorative cushions and other small decorative details, towels are exactly the kind of thing that give the bathroom an aesthetic lift.

    Mix different colours!

    Maybe you've got a bathroom with white tiles? Then you're not alone. If you're not planning to have the whole bathroom in white, then choosing towels in lots of different colours is a nice way to spruce up the room. It looks best if you keep to the same brand and collection, so that the towels all have the same design. This doesn't just make it look fresh. It also makes gives it an attractive, harmonious look, even if you have different colours. It also looks great if you mix and match bath towels and hand towels. Why not buy matching bath towels and hand towels, and then mix colours in a fun way?

    Interior design should be fun and dynamic!

    Do you feel like you could be a little more daring when you decorate? Then starting with the bathroom is perfect. If you get the hand towels, bath towels and other small details right, then the room will become so much more than just a bathroom – it will look both fun and attractive. Many people forget that decorating the bathroom can be fun. As well as attractive towels, you can decorate the bathroom using beautiful shelving, bathroom mats, soap dispensers and more. A bathroom can be given a big face-lift without costing the earth, and without it taking forever. In other words, the bathroom is great fun to experiment with!

    Matching sets – a bathroom winner!

    We've got several different sets of bath towels and hand towels, meaning that you can easily choose the colour or colours that you want in your bathroom. Maybe you want to mix green and grey? Or off-white and blue? Yellow and pink? There are endless possibilities – you just need to choose the exact colours you want! Maybe you won't believe in the importance of towels before you see the result, but we promise that you'll get a nice surprise if you give it a go!

    Choose textiles for an extra luxurious feeling

    Towels with special textures give an especially luxurious look to your bathroom. Sometimes it can be best to choose a towel according to the texture instead of colour. We've got several different towels with modern, attractive, fashionable and stylish textures. If that's what you're looking for, you've come to the right place.

    Perfect fit for both large and small hands

    In our range, you'll find beautiful towels for both adults and children. It's extra fun for children to choose what colour their towels are, so let them decide when shopping with us. Every family member should have their own hand towels, just like with bath towels. You can either colour-code, or have a different hook for each member of the family. It's important that children learn to wash their hands properly, so use all kinds of tricks to get them to do it - such as letting them choose the colour of their towels.

    Towels with or without fringes?

    Both with and without fringes are great looks for towels. It's a matter of taste, but many people like both kinds. This usually results in them having both sorts. Make sure, however, that all of the towels being used at any one time match each other - that they either do or don't have fringes. This will give your guests the impression of a well thought-out choice, which is important for the aesthetic feeling of the bathroom.

    Change your towels often

    Don't be afraid of changing your towels often. Make sure to wash them regularly. Make sure to also wash them at a high temperature, as this helps make them properly clean. It's a good idea to have a large stock of towels, so that there are always newly washed, fresh ones available. Remember also to buy new towels often, and get rid of the old ones. If you don't want to throw away your old hand towels, you can always use them for something else. There are several different climate-friendly ways to change your towels regularly. For example, reuse them as flannels, cleaning cloths and so on. Be creative and use your old terrycloth towels to lots of different things.