Elastic Bedsheets

A fitted elastic sheet is a bedsheet that fits snugly around your mattress with the help of an elasticated edge and stays securely in place all night long. Invest in a few fitted sheets so you never have to wake up with your bedsheet crumpled up around your legs ever again. Fitted sheets are easy to put on and help you sleep more comfortably – perfect! Being comfortable is probably the most important thing when it comes to sleeping so check out our selection of fitted sheets below!

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    Here you'll find our selection of lovely elasticated sheets! Elasticated sheets are a covenient choice when it comes to choosing bedsheets. They are easy to make the bed with, and stay in place all night long. You can easily put an elasticated sheet in place, thanks to the elastic running around the edges, which also ensures that the sheet doesn't move around once in place. This also helps avoid creases, which otherwise are common when making the bed with other kinds of sheets, and can risk making the bed feel lumpy. If you want to sleep on a soft and smooth bedsheet, then we recommend taking a look in our selection. We've got fitted sheets made from soft cotton satin, with different sizes to choose from. This mixture of materials is perfect for getting a good night's sleep, as satin is both soft and nice to sleep on, while cotton absorbs damp, is breathable and comfortable to the touch. Furthermore, cotton is a natural fiber, meaning that textiles made from it are extra durable. When you're choosing a bedsheet, it can be a good idea to think extra hard about which material to go for. You're going to spend many hours lying on your bedsheets, so it's important that they're both comfortable and high-quality. Sleeping comfortably on a soft elasticated sheet made from cotton satin will make you want to lie in bed that little bit longer in the mornings!


    Good comfort is very important when it comes to sleeping. Thanks to the elastic around the edges of elasticated sheets, they are kept in place all night long. This means that you won't wake up with the sheet twisted around your legs in the middle of the night, or with the sheet gathered in a big clump in the middle of the bed. In other words, elasticated sheets are perfect for those who twist and turn a lot in their sleep! If chosen with the right size, elasticated sheets also reduce the risk of awkward creases. In our selection, you'll find elasticated sheets in several different sizes, no matter whether you're looking for one for a double bed or a single bed. Elasticated sheets measuring 180x200 cm are perhaps our most popular, since this a very common mattress size. But in our selection you'll also find elasticated sheets in, for example, 80x200 cm, 105x200 cm och 140x200 cm. As you can see, there are sheets that fit lots of different beds. Choose a bedsheet in the same size as your mattress to get the very best fit. Investing in a convenient elasticated sheet that stays in place all night long is a smart idea, as it ensures that you can sleep more comfortably!


    Making environmentally friendly choices is good both for you and your home. We spend many hours in bed every night, and that's why, when buying bedclothes, it's important to make sustainable choices that are also good for your health. In our selection you'll find elasticated sheets that have the Nordic Ecolabel and are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This guarantees that the product is tested and found to be free from substances that can harm your health and the environment. In other words, you can be sure that you're choosing a truly high-quality product that is free from unhealthy chemicals when buying a bedsheet from us at BGA!


    Some might think it's hard to make a nice bed, but it actually isn't that hard. The thing you should think about when you want to make a nice bed, is to work from the bottom up, with different bedroom textiles. White, fresh-looking bedsheets are a good foundation for a bed, since they can be matched with lots of different things.

    Elasticated sheets are made to fit a certain shape or certain dimensions, and are very easy to put on the mattress, which makes making the bed that bit easier. Don't forget to use a mattress protector under your elasticated sheet. These two items together will extend your mattress' lifespan and ensure that your bed stays fresh for longer. All our bedsheets can be washed at 60 degrees, so it's not at all hard to keep your bed clean. Fresh, white elasticated sheets are, furthermore, simple to match with different duvet covers, no matter what kind of decor you prefer! If you like natural interiors with stylistically simple colours, then white elasticated sheets work well with beige, linen duvet covers. Alternatively, if you want your bed to be a real eye-catcher, you can create a contrast by matching your white elasticated sheets with more colourful, pattern-rich bedclothes. Making a nice bed is simple when you use soft, high-quality elasticated sheets!