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One pillow or a whole pile on your bed - that's a matter of personal taste but a good quality pillowcase is always appreciated. A pillowcase protects your pillow whilst adding a nice detail to your bed. A pillowcase is a special kind of cushion cover that you rest your head on all night, which makes it important to choose one in good material that you like. Choose from pillowcases in different patterns, colours and materials for a cosier sleep, whether it’s for one pillow or several!

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    Linen pillow caseHere you'll find our selection of soft, beautiful pillow cases! You use pillow cases to cover the pillows on your bed, and there are lots of reasons to use them. A pillow case both makes the pillow more comfortable and more aesthetically appealing. But these aren't its only functions! A pillow case also helps protect your cushion, and is easy to remove and wash, meaning that you can always sleep on fresh pillows. No matter whether you just have one pillow on your bed or lots, having fresh, soft pillow cases really gives a feeling of everyday luxury. Choosing nice pillow cases will transform the pillows on your bed into beautiful decorative details that will stand out that bit extra from the rest of your decor, and you can easily give your bedroom a makeover by having different kinds of pillow case. Often, when you look at a bedroom, the bed is the first thing that catches your eye. The bed really takes up a lot of space in the room, and it's important to thing about how to decorate your bed as well as the rest of the room, to make it into a beautiful eye-catcher. In other words, beautiful pillow cases are a must-have in the bedroom!


    The good thing about pillow cases is that there are so many to choose between, so you can use them to make a truly cosy bed. Pillow cases give you lots of space to be creative with your bed! With pillow cases, you can easily mix and match them with different bedding, depending on which style you're going for. Maybe you want your bed to have consistent colours, or maybe you want to create a more dynamic feel by mixing pillow cases with different colours? When buying duvet covers, a pillow case in the same colour or pattern is often included. But if you sleep with more than one pillow on your bed, you can buy extra pillow cases. If your duvet set is patterned, then placing monochrome, white pillows behind the patterned pillows can help to create volume, and it looks even better if you mix it up with different styles. If you want to create lots of contrast, you can choose pillow cases in different colours. In other words, pillow cases give you the possibility to create variation that suits you! If you're attracted to simple decor, it can look good to decorate your bed with pillow cases in different colours, to create a more lively look that doesn't feel so flat.

    By matching different cushions with nice cushion cases in different sizes, you can easily create a bed that looks like a hotel bed, making for a very cosy atmosphere in your bedroom. Lots of people like having a hotel-like decor at home, and a trick for making your home more hotel-like is to have lots of cushions with nice cushion covers on your bed! Having lots of pillows and cushions in different sizes on your bed really heightens the dynamic of the room, and makes one think immediately of a hotel room. Even if you don't like sleeping with more than one pillow, it can still be a good idea to have several on your bed for the aesthetic. You can always put them to one side when it's time to sleep.


    When you buy a bedsheet set, you'll often get a pillowcase along with it. But we recommend buying a few extra pillowcases in order to bring a bit of variety. It doesn't just look good when you change things up - it's also important. Changing your bedsheets once a week, or at least every fourteen days, is what's usually recommended. But it can be a good idea to change pillowcases even more often. Pillowcases are, of course, where we put our heads, and as a result they can be a magnet for residue from haircare products, sweat and even drool! As a result, pillowcases don't remain clean for more than a few nights. The best thing for your face and complexion is to change pillowcases every other or every third day. It can really make a difference for your skin, and doesn't it just sound so much nicer to rest your head on a fresh, clean pillow than an old, dirty one?


    It's important to choose a pillowcase with care, and to go for exactly the material you like, so that your bed feels exactly how you want it to. You spend many hours every night with your head on a pillowcase, so it's important for your sleep that it feels good. That's why you should choose a pillowcase according to your own tastes. But there are a few things to think of. Pillowcases made from cotton, linen or satin are usually our most popular. Linen is a very breathable material, and is both good at keeping you cool if you get overheated and keeping you warm if you're cold. Cotton is a very absorbent material, and is also breathable while still feeling warm. If you want to choose a materail that's good for your skin, then satin can be a good choice. Softer materials such as satin are less hard on hair, and are often less trying on the skin. Linen pillowcases make for a more natural and rustic feeling in your decor, while a satin pillowcase with its lustrous shine makes for a more luxurious and elegant feel. With a beautiful, high-quality pillowcase, you're sure to get a good night's sleep. Explore our beautiful selection of pillowcases and find one that will make your sleep more comfortable!