Multiway curtains

A curtain with a multiway band or multiway header – so-called multiway curtains – can be hung in several different ways. You can hang them by passing the curtain pole directly through the head, or by using finger hooks or rings. With multiway curtains, it doesn't matter what kind of curtain pole you have or if you want to hang them on a curtain rail – here we're really talking multi-functionality! In our selection you'll find both beautifully patterned and stylish single colour curtains with multiway headers in several different exciting materials - Welcome!

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    Showing 29 products

    ”Multi” in the truest sense of the word!

    With multi-way curtains, you can hang your curtains exactly how you want. In other words, these curtains give you several choices when it comes to hanging them up. You barely need to try! Thanks to their nifty design, these curtains almost do the job themselves.

    Adjust according to your style

    With multi-way curtains, it's easy to adjust them for your home and your style. Some like to use finger hooks, while others prefer everything to be hidden. How do you like to hang your curtains? Just go with your gut – with multi-way curtains, everybody has their own way to hang them up.

    Different styles for different rooms?

    Do you think it's fun to have different styles in different rooms? Do you like to experiment and change around your decor often? Then multi-way curtains are the perfect choice for you! They allow you to move the same set of curtains round to different rooms, if that's what you want to do. Maybe you've bought a pair of curtains for the bedroom, and now you've realised that they would work better in the living room or kitchen? In that case, all you need to do is change room, no matter what kind of curtain pole you have. It's nice to have lots of different options when decorating, so make sure to choose multi-way curtains that make it as easy as possible for you to place both the curtains and other decorative details anywhere.

    Lots to choose from

    It's always fun when you have lots of curtains to choose from. We've got several different kinds of curtain, for all kinds of home. Whether you're looking for something extra trendy, or whether you want classic and stylistically simple, we've got multi-way curtains for you. We've got curtains for all tastes, making it easy to find what you need with us – take a look and choose your favourites! Even better, we also sell other kinds of decorative textiles, such as blankets, cushion covers and so on. Why not buy some to match with your new multi-way curtains?