Here you'll find our selection of beautiful pelmets! A pelmet is the perfect way to frame your window, especially if it's a small window or one without much wall around it. Pelmets don't take up much space but they are a very attractive detail that contributes greatly to your room’s overall decor. They're also easy to hang up. Choose between different styles to find a pelmet that suits your home!

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    Welcome in to our selection of beautiful pelmets! A pelmet is a kind of small curtain that is often hung horizontally over the top of a window. Despite not taking up a lot of space, pelmets can be a big part of your interior. A plemet helps to give your window an attractive framing, and there are several different colours and patterns to choose from. For example, you can choose between straight pelmets, and "wavier" ones. A pelmet with a wavier look gives a somewhat more romantic impression, while a straight pelmet adds a slightly more stylish and elegant touch to your home. Regardless of whether you're after classic ruffles or a straighter pelmet, it will add a cosy feeling to your home! With us you'll find lots of different attractive pelmets to choose from, so you can be sure to find one that will work for you!

    Pelmets are a classic choice that suit lots of different rooms, but one particular room in which they often work well is the kitchen. Kitchens usually have small windows over the kitchen worksurfaces, so it's convenient to have a curtain that doesn't hang so low. Pelmets also work well in rooms where you want to let in a lot of light, since a straight, smaller curtain doesn't cover so much of the window, meaning that lots of daylight can still get in. If you've got lots of decorative details, such as plants, on your windowsill, then pelmets also work well, as they're not in the way but still make your window feel framed and cosy. In other words, there are a lot of positives with pelmets! They're also practical if you have pets that like to scratch textiles, or toddlers who crawl around on the floor. A pelmet is not vulnerable for either, and is therefore not in danger of being pulled down. It's also easy to dust the windowsill and vacuum clean around the window when there aren't any curtains in the way!

    You may prefer a pelmet if you don't have so much wall space around your window and you want to keep as much light as possible and therefore don't want to cover more of the window than is necessary. If you have small windows, it can be a good idea to mount your pelmets slightly above the window. This means that the pelmet only covers a small part of the window, and gives the illusion of a larger, longer window! It's always best to measure before you buy curtains, regardless of which model you go for. Check the measurements of your window and how much surface area there is around them. You can then compare these measurements with those of the pelmet you're interested in. If it turns out that the pelmet you want is too small, then it's easy to hang up two together on a longer curtain pole. If, on the other hand, it turns out to be too long, you can use fusible bonding tape for a convenient way of shortening it.


    There are lots of different types of pelmets. Maybe you're looking for a pelmet with a flowery pattern, or one made from rustic and natural materials such as cotton or ramie? If you like modern decor, maybe a stylish beige pelmet with a linen-like texture is the one for you? Or maybe you want a patterened, colourful pelmet, to create a little contrast in your home? We promise that there are pelmets for all homes, no matter what you're looking for!

    The good thing about pelmets is that it's easy to change things around. Maybe in the spring you'll want a light pelmet with a lovely, flowery pattern that makes you think of summer, while in the autumn you'll want a darker colour that makes your home a little cosier? With textiles, and especially when it comes to curtains, it's easy to update and decorate according to the season. With a pelmet, it's easy to create a new feeling in your home, and even if it doesn't take up a lot of space, you'll be surprised over how much it can change the look of a whole room.


    If you've got very large windows, or if you live on the ground floor, you can use pelmets as a way of getting a little privacy. You can do this by hanging your pelmets so that they cover the lower part of the window, instead of the top part. This type of curtain is often called a "cafe curtain", and is a smart way to stop people seeing through the window. If you do this, it looks great to match your pelmet with curtains on the sides of the window. It can be a good idea to choose curtains made from a thinner material, so that they still let through a little light!


    There are lots of different ways of hanging up one and the same pelmet, so you'll easily be able to find the one that feels right for you. In our selection, you'll find both grommet and multiway pelemts. A multiway pelmet gives you several options! It means that you can stick the curtain pole directly through the tabs, through the ready-sewn loop, or hang the curtain with finger hooks. You can choose the way that suits you best! Ordinarily, curtains come with a pre-sewn curtain loop, or grommets, through which you put the curtain pole. Grommets are easy to get the pole through, and are therefore a convenient way of hanging up a curtain. It's easy to believe that these different models only affect the way you hang the curtains up. But actually, they also affect how the curtains look. Grommets make the curtains look wavier, while a pre-sewn loop that's longer than the pole will make them look more rippled. If you click on the pelmet you're interested in, you can read more about the different methods for hanging it up!