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With napkin rings, your napkins will keep their shape and mean that, without having to learn elaborate folding techniques, you can set the table in a creative and exclusive way in minutes. Napkin rings are perfect for those special occasions even though their ease of use means that they are equally as suited to luxury dinners as to everyday use.

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    Napkin rings – spruce up any dinner!

    Are you looking for beautiful napkin rings to make your laid table extra attractive? In that case, you should definitely go for napkin rings – they're both cool, attractive and fashionable! Maybe they're not the first thing you think of on a table these days, but it is actually fashionable to have slightly more "advanced" tableware, even if it's less common than it used to be. These days, people have a more laid-back approach to laying the table, hosting dinners and socialising in general, and that's reflected in the tableware that you can find on the market. You can also see this in our selection of products. Our napkin rings are both attractive and modern, without being too much. Perfect and on-trend, in other words!

    Napkin rings - perfect for all occasions

    Do you feel like it's hard to find a good occasion to use napkin rings? Then think again! It's just as cool to use napkin rings for dinners on Mondays as it is at birth parties, cosy weekend meals and large gatherings. It's these small things that make daily life feel more fun, regardless of what mood you're in. What's more fun – and what could make it feel closer to the weekend – than making that extra effort to have a nicely laid table in the middle of the week? Don't miss out on this kind of small thing puts the cherry on the icing of your weekday. It's these things that make life extra fun!

    Mix different styles

    One trick to get a laid table that feels fashionable, cool and special all at the same time is to mix different styles. For example, if you've got napkin rings made of a natural material, it can look good to mix them with silver candles, crystal glass and plates from a second-hand shop. Letting these different styles speak for themselves, at the same time as pairing them with each other, makes your laid table more dynamic. This is, of course, also true of interior design, whether it's about a picture wall, a bathroom or a bedroom. Daring to be bold and inventive is not just for fashion and makeup – it's also for interior design and tableware!

    Which napkins should I choose?

    Using napkin rings and napkins in cotton, linen or similar materials instead of paper isn't just good for the climate – it also looks a lot better! We've got several different kinds of napkin to choose from, so you'll be able to find the colour and/or pattern that suits you. Whether it's a classic white, or whether you want to go for something more colourful, you'll find all kinds with us.