Tea towels

Having a tea towel strategically placed in your kitchen can make life a lot easier! But a kitchen towel isn’t just a functional item: it also plays a decorative part in the overall decor. Find tea towels which match the colour palette of your kitchen’s decor! In our collection, you’ll find stylish tea towels in single colours, as well as beautifully patterned ones, in a variety of different fabrics which you can even use as handtowels if you want! Welcome to our collection of lovely tea towels!

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    Showing 34 products
    Showing 34 products

    Tea towels – an easy way to liven up the kitchen!

    These days, you can find tea towels in all kinds of fun designs. You can choose from different materials, such as linen or cotton, and from lots of different designs, colours and patterns. Whether want to a tea towel as a decorative detail, to dry the dishes with, or to cover a rising dough, there are lots of choices. All you need to do is choose your favourite!

    Beautiful patterns for the kitchen

    We've got tea towels with several different beautiful patterns that look great in a fresh and modern home. Our monochrome tea towels are easy to match with our patterned ones, so if you want to mix and match, just choose the colour palette you're after, and then mix and match monochrome tea towels with patterned ones accordingly. The best thing is, since all our tea towels have fashionable designs, they can spruce up any kitchen!

    Personal style with character

    Decorative details such as tea towels can make a big difference to the feeling of a home. It's often the small things that make a home feel personal, and it's also easy to show a bit of character with the small details. Whether you feel that a stylistically simple home is the one for you, or whether you have a more ”bombastic” decor, you can easily choose tea towels that add something to your personal taste.

    Match tea towels with the rest of your kitchen

    Having decorative details that match each other makes your decor consistent, and helps give a pleasant, relaxed feeling to a room. What's more, if you have a style, colour palette or the like to stick to, it's both attractive and easy to buy new things for the room.

    Practical – without being boring

    Tea towels are a good example of a decorative detail that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional in one. This kind of product is always a good choice, since you don't have to choose something that is practical but boring or something that is attractive but impractical. However, some tea towels do, inevitably, look a bit nicer than others, and you don't want to use these for any old thing. So it's a good idea to have a set of "nicer" tea towels that you use for some things, and some more ordinary tea towels for others.

    Cool design that stands out

    Like with most things these days, there's now a veritable smorgasbord of products to choose from when it comes to tea towels. Having a large range to choose from is fun, since you can really find something that stands out from the crowd. If you're not so bold with your decor, you can take advantage of exciting design in small products like tea towels. Tea towels can be put in lots of different places in the kitchen, making them a perfect decorative detail. If you've got a tea towel that looks extra good, you could hang it on display on one of your lower kitchen cabinets, the oven door, or the like. That way, it's a lot more on display than when you just mix all your tea towels together on a hook.

    Mix different colours for an extra snappy feeling!

    Things tend to look even better when you use more than one colour. Furthermore, if you choose matching colours that accentuate the best in each other, the kitchen can look luxurious, well thought-out and modern, all at once. If you're not so keen on having lots of different colours, you could mix white with off-white and/or light grey. That way, you can give a little dynamism to your decor without it going over the top.

    A good way to freshen up your kitchen!

    Tea towels are a cheap way to update and freshen up your home. You can buy several tea towels for very little, so it's definitely the kind of product to go wild with. If you find a kind of tea towel that you really like, our tip is to buy a couple of extra ones, so that you can change them regularly. It's important to remember to change your tea towels often. Get into the habit of changing your tea towel either every day or every other day.

    Classic Scandinavian design

    Our tea towels are examples of stylistically simple Scandinavian design. Whether you're attracted by patterns, or if you prefer monochrome towels, you'll be able to find what you like among our products. With their timeless choice of colours and patterns, our kitchen towels are a step ahead of the trends – so you and your kitchen are safe with them!