Pillow cases

With stylish cushion covers, you can quickly and easily refresh your decor! Different fabrics, patterns and weaves give our cushions covers a lively character whether they’re a single colour or multicoloured. Choose cushion covers in different harmoniously matched colours or perhaps choose the same colour but vary the fabric structure. Welcome to our wonderful collection of beautiful and stylish covers for cushions!

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 124 products

    Pillow cases

    Pillow cases are a fantastic way to freshen up your decor. You can mix and match them however you want, and they’re also an inexpensive decorative detail. In our selection, we’ve gone for modern Nordic design, and we have a good range of both shapes, colours and patterns.

    The best part of using pillow cases as a part of interior design is that you can change them with the season, without it costing the earth. Many choose thicker and more substantial pillow cases during the colder winter months, and thinner ones during the summer and spring.

    We have pillow cases to suit all tastes. For us, it’s important to be able to offer a wide selection where everybody can find the pillow case that’s right for their home. Some will choose stylistically simple off white, others flowery patterns, and still others will go for interesting textures and shapes. Maybe you want to mix together a couple? It’s completely up to you!

    Mix and match

    There are a lot of decorative details that don’t cost a great deal, but still make a big difference to the room you put them in. Pillow cases are one such item, and are a great way to freshen up your home.

    You can either expand what you have with new pillow cases, or you can completely swap out what you have right now. Whatever you do, it’ll look great and bring you lots of pleasure. The more pillow cases you swap out, the more exciting the result will be!

    Just like with a picture wall, it’s fun to mix and match pillow cases. If you want them to match each other, all you need to do is buy pillow cases in different patterns and colours that look good together.

    If you instead want to mix a little of everything to get a more dynamic result, you can go a bit outside the box and mix different pillow cases that don’t match each other exactly.

    Spruce up your home – affordably and fast

    Everyone who likes decorating enjoys changing the things they have in their home. How much this costs usually varies according to how large or small these changes are. You don’t always feel like spending a fortune just to make some changes in your home, and that’s why pillow cases and other small items are the perfect choice.

    By changing your pillow cases you can spruce up your home in a way that’s both fast and affordable. If you go for a totally new style and different colours to what you had previously, you’ll get a clear result without breaking the bank.

    Instead of buying a new sofa or a new bed, you can just go for new pillow cases. Thus way, the sofa or bed look refreshed, without you needing to spend too much money.

    Make the sofa or bed cosy

    Decorative pillows are nice to have both on the sofa and in your bed. If you need new pillow cases for several rooms, then you don’t need to spend lots of money there either – you can freshen things up for very little.

    If you just change the pillow cases on, for example, your sofa or in your bed, then the result is a bit less noticeable. If you’re going to change pillow cases at all, why not change them in all of your rooms, and make your home feel newly renovated.

    Good range of materials

    We’re careful to make sure that the pillow cases we sell are made from good materials. Pillow cases should, of course, be comfortable to use, and that’s the result you get if you go for a good choice of materials.

    Of course, if you want you can mix in a couple of less comfortable pillow cases if you’re more concerned about getting the absolutely most aesthetic result. In that case, you can place the most comfortable pillows nearest to the body and the less comfortable ones can be for back support.

    Different shapes

    Choosing pillows and pillow cases with different shapes is a smart idea, as it makes things look more lively. If you just have exactly the same decorative pillows all over the place, then the impression each individual pillow gives is lessened. Att välja kuddar och kuddfodral i olika former är smart då det gör att det ser lite mer levande ut. But with lots of different kinds, each pillow and pillow case stands out.

    Our advice is to buy a couple of different pillow cases from us. You can either buy them in colours that you already use at home, or you can be a bit bolder and venture outside your comfort zone. How about testing something a bit more colourful, or what about something more subdued than you usually choose? It’s up to you to choose!

    Quality before quantity

    Even if we do love having lots of pillows instead of just a few, we still think it’s important to go for quality rather than quantity.

    With us, you can find pillow cases of the highest quality. Whatever you choose, you’ll get a pillow case that can easily go in the wash, and one which is soft, comfortable and durable.

    If you want to get that luxurious hotel feeling, then you’ll be satisfied with our range. Our pillow cases are more than up to the task, whether aesthetically, colour- or shape-wise. Don’t forget to complement them with our lovely matching blankets that come in lots of beautiful colours-