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Soft throws and blankets come in all sorts of different colours, styles and materials. And a throw or blanket on your sofa or bed isn’t just cosy – it looks great too! Throws and blankets create a homely atmosphere and can easily be matched and coordinated to highlight signature colours in your decor. Here you’ll find our collection of lovely soft and stylish throws and blankets!

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    Showing 42 products

    Plaid blankets

    Wrapping yourself in a lovely plaid blanket is always cosy, no matter what the season. Even if it’s summer, a soft, snug plaid blanket is perfect for when the evening turns a little chilly. It’s really great to be able to sit outside on summer evenings, but the British weather means you often need a blanket to ensure you don’t get cold.

    We have a wide range of plaid blankets in modern Nordic design, and they work just as well during the winter as they do in the summer. We recommend that you use our beautiful cotton blankets during the summer and spring, and either our fleece or our wool blankets during the winter and autumn.

    Makes for a nice decorative detail

    A plaid blanket is a fantastic decorative detail which at once raises the aesthetic of a room immeasurably. Choose between different colours, patterns and materials to find the right style for you and your decor.

    Whether you want to spruce up your home in simple ways, or if you want to have a fresh new blanket for a newly renovated home, it’s easy to find the right product in our range. We have blankets for all styles and all tastes.

    We’ve made sure that we have a plaid blanket for every occasion – some of our blankets work best, for example, on the sofa, while others work better in a conservatory. Some are the right thickness for using in bed, and others are made for the children’s room.

    Go for high quality

    The plaid blankets you find here with us are all of the very highest quality. We have several kinds in different materials. The most important thing when you buy a blanket is to go for quality instead of quantity. With these blankets, you can be sure of getting quality, regardless of whether it’s wool, cotton, or another material that you go for.

    It’s always worth spending a bit more money and getting a blanket that will look just as good after daily use and washing. This also happens to be true of other things that you use when decorating your home, such as pillow cases, picture frames and the like.

    Our plaid blankets are fantastic value, as they are both reasonably priced and high quality. We don’t think you should be forced to choose between the one or the other, so we offer a selection which meets your requirements both in terms of price and quality.

    Washing blankets

    When it comes to washing blankets, it’s the material that determines how you wash them. A rule of thumb is to always wash blankets at 30 degrees, but if your blanket happens to be made of a material that allows washing at a higher temperature then you can, of course, do that. The lower the temperature you wash it in, the longer your blanket will last.

    Our main tip is that you should wash your blanket as infrequently as possible, as this allows it to retain its original quality for longer. Instead of washing it, try shaking it off or letting it air outside. You can also do this even if you live in an apartment, by letting it air on the balcony.

    Be bold when choosing colours and patterns

    With blankets and other smaller decorative details, you can be a bit bolder when choosing both the colour and the pattern. If you usually go for a stylistically simple decor with light colours, why not try choosing a blanket that stands out from its surroundings a bit?

    Our plaid blankets come in several different attractive colours, and the splash of colour that they give makes for a significantly brighter atmosphere in the room where you place them. That’s what’s so good with decorative details such as blankets – you get both aesthetic design and function in one item.

    A blanket is a simple way to give a personal touch to your decor, without overdoing it.

    Which material should I choose?

    The question of which material to choose for one’s blanket is a very individual one. Some are more sensitive than others, and that affects their choice of material. For example, some can use wool blankets without any problems, while others think it’s uncomfortable. p>

    A wool blanket is, on the other hand, always a great choice as an aesthetic element of a room. In most cases, they look more luxurious than blankets in cotton and other materials. If you have sensitive skin and want a smoother material, then all you need to do is check out our range of cotton blankets.

    Large or small blanket?

    Most people think that a large blanket offers maximum cosiness, but it can look good to mix and match several different sizes. You can use large blankets when you want to warm yourself up, while the smaller ones work best when they just give a splash of colour to a sofa, bed, or anywhere else you want to put them. Don’t forget to complement your blankets with our lovely pillow cases that come in lots of beautiful colours.