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    Rugs – create the right dynamic in the room

    It's news to nobody that a rug does a lot for the whole look of a room. Rugs are especially good at bringing out the colours and styles of a room, so you can get everything you need for a good decor with the right choice of rug. Our rugs all have clean Scandinavian design, making it easy to find the right rug for your home. Whether you're after a subdued colour or one which is a little more colourful, you'll find what you're after in our range. Getting the right colour for your rug is important – it's this that will really catch the viewer's attention. If you feel dissatisfied with the decor in a room, maybe all you need to do is change the rug!

    Quality instead of quantity

    It's fun to go wild and buy lots of cheap rugs sometimes, but it's often better to choose one which really delivers quality instead of quantity. A nice, attractive rug is more durable, and even if you later realise that you want to change the style and rug in a room, you can save your high-quality rug for another occasion. If you choose a rug carefully, then it can suit several different rooms. This is true of all rugs, from jute rugs to colourful woollen ones, or indeed rugs made from any material.

    Fashionable rugs that put the finishing touch on a room

    Not everybody is in agreement about what kind of decor puts the finishing touch on a room, but most people agree that the right rug can do a lot for a room's feeling and style. Buying a modern and fashionable rug immediately gives any room a divine touch, so it's good to be able to find exactly the right one. Some trends last longer than others, whether it's colours, patterns or other aspects. When you get hold of the right rug at the right time, it's anybody's guess as to how long it will be "in". Some trends last for a surprisingly long time, while others disappear surprisingly fast. If you're lucky, then the rugs you like will remain fashionable for a long time, so you can keep your favourite rug for many years!

    Round or angular style?

    Which style suits your home? Are you someone who likes soft and round shapes in your home, or do you prefer it when things are a little more angular? The style you want can vary a lot from person to person, but most people usually have a mix of both rectangular and round rugs at home. Of course, it's up to each individual to decide. But remember that if you're having difficulty creating the style you want in your home, it can be that you've chosen the wrong shape of rug.

    Fluffy rugs increase the cosiness factor

    If you're after a cosy decor that feels welcoming and soft, then fluffy rugs are a good choice. Fluffy rugs don't just make a room look good – they're also extra cosy for the feet. This kind of rug is perfect for the bedroom or living room – places where you go to relax. Even if you have a stylistically simple and "austere", Scandinavian-style decor, it can still suit a fluffy rug. It doesn't need to have exactly the same feeling as the rest of the decor – a little bit of mixing and matching is always nice.

    Let the rug leave its mark on the room

    Something as little as a rug can really leave its mark on a room, without taking up too much attention. That makes rugs the perfect decorative detail, since they both set the tone of the room and give it a specific vibe and attitude. Whether you want a large rug with attitude, or whether you want something a bit more toned-down, if you give your rug the space it needs, it will work as intended.

    Change the feeling of a home with a new rug

    A rug is a quick way to give your home a new lease of life. This is as true of smaller rooms, such as the bathroom, as it is of larger ones, such as the living room, bedroom and kitchen. It's also important to think about rugs for the hall. You can't just buy any old rug and hope you'll get the right result. Instead, you need to have a serious think about which colour and shape you want. If you've got a long room, then it looks best with a long rug. With a smaller room, meanwhile, it's best with a smaller, round rug. A round rug often creates a somewhat softer style, so they can, for example, suit a baby's and/or children's room.