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A chair and seat pad is both practical and pretty. While it spruces up your chair, it simultaneously makes it more comfortable to sit on. Seat pads and chair cushions are perfect for those occasions where you sit at the kitchen table a little bit longer to enjoy a well cooked meal, if you want to freshen up a stool in a quick and easy way or when you want to update your outdoor furniture! Our seat pads and chair cushions work just was well in the kitchen as in the bedroom, living room and on the outdoor furniture on the terrace. Find the perfect seat pads and chair cushions available in lots of different colours and sizes in our collection.

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    It's a real luxury to get together with people you like and enjoy a long dinner together. But it's not so nice to invite guests round and then have them sit on hard, uncomfortable chairs – that's where cushions come in!

    Cushions can both improve a good dinner and make for a beautiful decorative detail at your dining table. A cushion makes any chair more comfortable, and there are lots of different colours, shapes and patterns to choose from. With a cushion, you can really express your personality and interior design style. There are small and large cushions, square and round ones. Square cushions are those which most often naturally fit the shape of chairs. Round cushions, on the other hand, are a trend-conscious choice, as they create an attractive contrast to angular chairs. A round cushion also looks good on a stool, and makes it more comfortable. There are lots of upholstered cushions, and the thicker they are the softer they are.

    Picture a beautiful dining table in an attractive kitchen. If the dining chairs are empty, doesn't it feel a little dull and uninviting? Complement your chairs with a couple of soft cushions – they really are the cherry on the cake, and they'll make your table a much cosier and more inviting space. Cushions really heighten the look of your furniture. If your dining table isn't so eye-catching, and if you could do with a little more colour in your decor, you can, for example, choose a couple of colourful cushions. Alternatively, if your chairs are darker, then you can choose a couple of beige or white cushions to lighten up your chairs a little. Chair cushions are a fun decorative detail that make it easy to change the feeling around your dining table. And what's more, cushions also protect your chairs from scratches, which might otherwise come from metal detailing on clothes or buttons on jeans.


    Decorating with cushions doesn't just include the dining table - why not put a couple in your garden chairs, on your balcony, on a wooden sofa, or on a hard desk chair. That's right – the possibilities are endless! A couple of cushions makes all your furniture softer and nicer to sit on, so put them all over the place, both inside and outside! Sitting comfortably really facilities your work or studying at home, and it's also something that can be appreciated when taking a coffee in a garden chair. At the same time as bringing comfort where it's needed, cushions make for as much of a beautiful decorative detail in these settings as they do at the dining table. Cushions will really improve any room, no matter where you put them. They can also be perfect for the dog to relax on, or for when you're pottering on the floor and want something comfortable to sit on. You can also take larger cushions outside, if you want to lie on the grass on a beautiful summer's day.

    Bear in mind that, before taking your cushions outside, it can be a good idea to check the product details and see whether they're water-resistant and whether they can be washed. A soft, cloth cushion is both comfortable to sit on and easy to keep clean, as they can often be washed in the washing machine. For that reason, they're good for outside use with garden furniture. Make sure to always follow the washing instructions on your cushions. That way, they'll be sure to retain their quality over time.


    Cushions really are a small decorative detail that does a lot for the home as a whole, and they're as attractive as they are functional. Another positive thing is that they're a cheap way of sprucing up your home. Cushions are easy to change, and you can buy several in different colours and with different patterns that you then change according to the season – fun, right? What's more, cushions can have different functions depending on the seasons. Cushions can have a warming effect during the winter, and can mean that you don't need to sit on a hard, cold chair, while in the summer they stop you from feeling like you're sticking to the chair, at the same time as allowing you to sit more comfortably.

    When choosing a cushion, it's important to check the dimensions, to ensure a perfect fit. It's best if your cushions have roughly the same dimensions as the sitting surface on your chair, as this is what will give best comfort. In our selection, you'll find, among other things, cushions with ties that help keep them in place. You'll also find cushions with lots of different colours. Are you looking for a fashionable beige cushion, or maybe an elegant red one? Or what about a timeless grey cushion? We also have larger cushions that measure 45x120 cm, which work perfectly for benches! We at BGA are proud to be able to offer a large range of cushions where you can be sure to find ones which simultaneously fit your chairs, are comfortable, and right up your street!