Washi Tape

Washi tape is a multifunctional decorative tape with many uses, among which is easily fastening posters to walls. The tape is gentle and does not leave marks on either the poster or the wall, which makes it perfect if you like varying your decoration – or if you want a personal twist to your poster. The tape is strong but pliable and easy to work with.

Besides fastening posters, the tape can also be used to decorate birthday cards, presents, or to liven up journals, notebooks or calendars.

Joyous and uncomplicated is how using washi tape should feel!

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Washi tape, or decoration tape, is a practical and decorative tape that has many uses! The tape is highly practical because of its strong, yet pliable texture, and its gentle fastening ensures no marks or damage on walls nor posters. The tape is easily (re)movable.

Personalize with washi tape

Decorative might be the best adjective to describe washi tape. Not all tape is as cheerful as this! Using washi tape lets you personalize walls, gifts or trinkets around the house.

Easy installation of your posters

By using washi tape, installing posters or photographs on your wall is quick and easy. The tape does not harm your wallpaper nor poster. Using this tape is a more enjoyable and personal way of decorating your walls!

Because washi tape does not leave marks on the wall, it is also very practical if you like changing things up, or testing decoration before you commit.

Let your creativity run free!

If you want to give your creativity more range, there are many ways you can use washi tape. Besides fastening posters or photographs on the wall, the tape can also be used to decorate boxes, books, birthday cards, journals, or even cupboards and other furniture. You can also liven up old wallpaper by making patterns on the wall.

Different patterns, same color family

In our selection of washi tape you will find multi-packs with 8 separate tape rolls with different patterns and widths, but within the same color family. This makes matching a breeze, even as the different patterns and widths allow for variation while decorating. Enjoy!