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If you're looking for personalised wedding boards, you're in luck – we have many different varieties to choose from. Here you can find a suitable personal wedding board, as we have many different styles and sizes. Take a look at our range below and choose one which suits the happy couple you are planning to surprise.

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    Showing 25 products

    Personalised wedding pictures

    Weddings are always such good fun, and everyone is always in a happy mood. But to find the perfect wedding gift can be tricky. There are, of course, many classic wedding gifts to fall back on if you cannot find something a little bit out of the ordinary. It's just a lot more fun to give a gift that is thoughtful and unique, as anyone who has ever done this will know!

    If you're on the lookout for something a little bit special to give as a wedding gift, it's clever to start looking early. It's not compulsory to buy something from the wedding gift wish-list, and a gift that is a complete surprise can be appreciated even more. Since lots of wedding presents are quite "sensible" and are meant to last forever, it can sometimes be more fun to give a less serious gift.

    An attractive detail wherever it's placed

    A personalised wedding picture will last an eternity but can also be "refreshed" over the years by moving it to different rooms around the house. A wedding picture really is the perfect gift, and one that reminds a happy couple every day of one of the best days of their lives.

    When a couple first receive their personalised wedding picture, maybe they hang it in their bedroom. But after a while, perhaps they move it to the hallway, the living room or somewhere else. If it's in an attractive frame, it will look good anywhere, and the frame can always be changed for a fresh, new look at any time.

    This is the type of gift that every couple wants, but will not buy themselves, so it really is the ideal present. Our personalised wedding pictures come in many different styles so you can find the perfect design whatever the tastes of the wedding couple. Check out what we have to offer, and you will see what we mean when we say we have many different styles!

    Don't forget the picture frame!

    To give it that extra finished look, it's best to buy a picture frame too. We are sure you can find the perfect picture frame here, so just add one to your basket when you buy your wedding picture. Choosing the right frame in a style that suits the tastes of the wedding couple, is just as important as the names and the dates when personalising a wedding picture.

    If you are not sure which style of picture frame would suit the wedding couple best, it's probably wise to opt for a simple black frame when your gift is presented. Then the wedding couple can later choose for themselves whatever frame they want.

    Remember to say to them that it is 110 % OK to change the picture frame as they wish, otherwise they may not want to risk offending you. It's such a shame when gifts are not used for such easily avoidable reasons like this!

    Choose a style to suit the wedding couple

    Even if you are best friends, it doesn't mean you have the same tastes. Some people are careful in choosing the right style for the wedding couple, and others are not quite so. Make sure you fall into the former category and really think about a style that would suit them, and not you.

    Who knows, maybe you want to buy a wedding picture for the wedding couple's summer house instead of their main home? Why not? It's always fun thinking outside the box when buying presents! We have so many different styles and designs, maybe you'll end up buying two; one for the summer house and one for the main house.

    Great gifts at great prices

    Gifts such as personalised wedding pictures don't cost very much but really do make fantastic presents. It's always satisfying to find an extra-special gift that also doesn't cost much, as then you can perhaps buy something else too. Why not give two different gifts instead of one?

    These days, it's becoming more common to give gifts such as these, rather than more "serious" and exclusive gifts that were once the norm. With the possibility to create so many unique gifts buy printing our own pictures and more, giving gifts is quite simply more personal than ever before.

    It has become so easy to create such personalised gifts, and with such low prices too, it really is a win-win.

    Tips for a personalised wedding picture

    There are lots fun little things you can do when it comes to this type of present. One is to secretly hang the personalised wedding picture above their bed when the wedding couple is out. This could be done on the actual wedding day when they leave the house for the ceremony, if you have time before getting to the wedding yourself! Alternatively, sneak in and hang it when they're away on their honeymoon, so it's the first thing they see when they come back home.

    Not only is a wedding picture a great gift in itself, you can also have a bit of fun when giving it too. Because it's such a small and light gift, it's easy to carry around and secretly hang wherever you want as a surprise for the wedding couple. Just be a little creative!

    A great present for every wedding couple!

    If you're not 100 % sure what to buy as a wedding present, then a personalised wedding picture a fantastic choice. It's a great present to give away, but why not also treat yourself at the same time?

    We think it's always nice to spoil yourself once in a while. If you buy a personalised wedding picture for you and your partner, you can choose exactly the design that you love. Receiving it as a gift is something else entirely, so it just depends on the type of person you are.

    Sometimes, you get invited to weddings where you don't really know the couple very well. In these cases, this type of gift is the perfect choice! It's a little bit fun, shows you have really thought about the couple and it will also be displayed for years to come.

    Surprise someone by hanging a personalised wedding picture!

    A personalised wedding picture is without doubt a great present to give, but even better if it's possible to hang it in the wedding couple's home in secret whilst they are away on honeymoon. Imagine what a lovely surprise it would be to come home and find such a thoughtful and stylish picture hanging above their bed!

    Surprises always go down well. It's also fun to do something a little out of the ordinary when it comes to giving gifts, whether it's a personalised wedding picture, christening poster or something else. Thinking outside of the box when it comes to gifts is always appreciated.

    Personalised wedding pictures in a range of styles.

    We are all different with individual styles. We offer a wide range of different designs, so it's easy to find the perfect wedding picture to personalise for each and every couple. If you know what style they prefer, just browse our selection to find exactly what you're looking for.

    If you're not sure exactly what would suit their tastes best, choose a simple and tasteful design that would look great in every home. It's so easy to browse through our selection to find the perfect choice that's right for you. We promise!

    Perhaps you love a certain style, but the wedding couple prefer a completely different style? Just make sure you pick a personalised wedding picture in their style, not yours.

    Different colours and different sizes

    To ensure we have something for everybody, our personalised wedding pictures come in a range of different colours and styles. These variations are also reflected in our prices, so if you wanted to buy a smaller and more subtle picture, it would cost less than a larger picture.

    When it comes to colour, everybody has different preferences, so choosing both the right size and colour is always a fun challenge! Just have a browse through our selection to find the right combination for you.

    To see the different colour options of our personalised wedding pictures, just click on your choice of design and you will see which other colours are available. It's as simple as that!

    Good value, great quality and fast delivery!

    When you shop with us, we guarantee that you will always get good quality products for a great price. You can also count on us for a speedy delivery. It's of course always important to be happy with your purchases, and we are very glad to be able to provide that service for you.

    Not only do you receive good quality products when you shop with us, but also super-fast delivery. Whilst you're shopping for that personalised wedding picture, why not browse the rest of our site in case you find another little extra gift, or something to treat yourself to!