KAILA - stylish Swedish design

Round mirror against light wall / living room interior

KAILA is a Swedish brand that offers stylish and trendy interior design pieces at affordable prices. The word "KAILA" comes from the warm Hawaiian language and means "style". A word that sums up the KAILA brand perfectly - stylish, unpretentious and lively!

Design concept

KAILA's design concept is characterised by classic Swedish design - known for its elegance, minimalism and functionality - but also features many trendy elements such as exciting shapes and stylish colours. KAILA strives to offer products with a sense of timelessness - interior design pieces that feel classic in a traditional home and trendy in a modern one.

Brand philosophy

According to KAILA's brand philosophy, everyone should have access to stylish designs and high-quality products, so they offer interior design pieces at reasonable prices that suit all homes and personal tastes. Furthermore, KAILA believe that quality, stylish design and functionality should never compromise each other. Products for your home should offer all three, and should feel exclusive without costing the earth.

An ever-growing range

KAILA's range is constantly growing and new product categories are popping up all the time. At present, the collection consists of trendy mirrors, exclusive photo albums and stylish poster clips. Soon, they'll also offer stylish picture shelves and lots of different trendy and practical make-up mirrors. 

Trendy mirrors from KAILA

KAILA drop-shaped mirror rose gold

In KAILA's range of mirrors, among other things, you'll find their popular frameless mirrors. These mirrors are so thin that they elegantly blend into your wall. A timeless little bit of minimalism that suits all homes and rooms! The same thin, round mirror is available with tinted mirror glass in a number of trendy colours like chic rose gold, cold grey and elegant gold. These are great for those who appreciate modern design that stands out in an understated and stylish way.

In addition to their popular round mirrors, KAILA also offer mirrors in other exciting shapes, including asymmetrical mirrors, teardrop-shaped mirrors, ovular mirrors and soft rectangular mirrors. All mirrors are available with either clear or tinted mirror glass.

Exclusive Photo Albums - KAILA Coffee Table Photo Album

KAILA Coffee Table Photo Album / grey photo album

That relaxed feeling you get when flipping through a physical photo album will never get old, and having coffee table books lying around at home as stylish little accessories is very trendy right now. Combine these two things - the functionality of a photo album with the stylishness of coffee table books - and you get a Coffee Table Photo Album.

In KAILA's range of Coffee Table Photo Albums, you'll find stylish textile-bound photo albums in a number of carefully selected earthy colours. Each album has its own unique title with meaningful or powerful words and concepts in Hawaiian or English. The albums take the form of luxurious boxes that you open up when you want to browse the contents, giving them a true sense of exclusivity. Inside the box, you're greeted by a ring binder and 30 black sheets (60 pages) to fill with your favourite memories. These are self-paste albums, meaning that you get a lot of flexibility and room for creativity when creating your unique Coffee Table Photo Album.

Poster clips from KAILA

Black metal poster clips

Poster clips offer you a simple, affordable and trendy way to hang your posters and prints. This is so in tune with KAILA's brand philosophy that they've chosen to launch their own collection of metal clips in a range of different sizes and trendy colours such as matt black, gold, silver, rainbow and rustic brass.

Depending on the size of your poster or print, you can buy the metal clips individually, in 2 packs or 4 packs. What all poster clips have in common is their stylish design and their strong but flexible grip on your wall art. This allows you to hang both the thinnest posters and slightly thicker ones. All poster clips have holes on the top so you can easily attach them to the wall with a small nail.

Discover KAILA today!

On this page, you'll find shortcuts to all of KAILA's products: MirrorsPhoto Albums and Poster Clips. Take a look at their range today and lose yourself for a while in the lively, trendy world of KAILA's products!