Coffee Table Photo Albums

A KAILA Coffee Table Photo Album not only gives you a practical opportunity to store your most precious photo memories — you also get a stylish and trendy piece of decor! These textile-clad and luxurious ash-shaped photo albums have a chic design and are available in several different earth tones.

But it's more than just the colours that set these albums apart: they have different titles with meaningful words in Hawaiian. Which word best suits the content of your photo album? Find your favourite among these fashionable and elegant Coffee Table Photo Albums!

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    Coffee table photo album on a living room tableKAILA's Coffee Table Photo Album is perfect for protecting your most treasured memories in a stylish way, at the same time as being a fashionable decorative detail for your home! Maybe you want a photo album to immortalise moments from a lovely trip, a fun wedding, or your baby's first weeks? Or maybe just to be able to look back at a few beautiful moments from your life? Taking the time to organise your photos in an album is time well-invested. A photo album with physical photos is sure to be appreciated - both by you and by others. Because there's just something so special about relaxing on the sofa and carefully leafing through a photo album filled with heartwarming memories. A calming feeling that will never go out of fashion - no matter how digital the world becomes.

    A photo album can also be very decorative and attractive when placed on display at home – everybody knows that. But these albums from KAILAare really something extra! Every photo album is designed to be a fashionable coffee table book - a sophisticated decorative detail that's becoming ever more popular. That this attractive coffee table book also contains your very own stories in the form of photos makes things even better! This is, simply put, a perfect combination of a stylish coffee table book and a functional photo album - a coffee table photo album.


    Thanks to its luxurious and fashionable design, these coffee table photo albums are so much more than just a photo album. If you want, you don't even need to have photos in these. They can just be coffee table books. Alternatively, why not buy some refill pages in other colours, and fill them with your own paintings or writing? You could also take out the sides of the album, and use the box for storing odds and ends. There are so many possibilities – and regardless of what you choose to fill - or not fill - your coffee table photo album, you can be sure that it will make for a stylish decorative detail that gives your home a refined touch!


    KAILA's coffee table photo album are clothbound photo albums designed to look like luxury boxes, giving them an exclusive, premium feel. When you open up the box, you'll find a ring binder containing 30 black sheets (60 pages) where you can paste in your own photos. These photo albums are perfect for scrapbooking, and give lots of flexibility as well as room for creativity when you want to create your own unique coffee table album.

    Maybe you want a photo album in a fresh beige colour, or a darker, elegant black one? Or an album with a lovely pastel colour that lightens up your home? In KAILA's selection of clothbound coffee table photo albums, there are several carefully selected natural and on-trend colours to choose from. But the colours aren't the only difference between these albums - each album has its own title, with meaningful and striking words in either Hawaiian or English!

    Among the words from the beautiful Hawaiian language are: 'OHANA , meaning ”family” - MAU KI'I , meaning”pictures” - ALOHA , meaning ”love” - HO'OMANA'O , meaning ”memories” - HAU'OLI , meaning ”happiness” - MO'OLELO , meaning ”stories”.
    And in English you can choose from MEMORIES och THROWBACK - since this is exactly what your album will contain - a look back at your best memories!
    When words feel superfluous, or when you want to let the pictures speak for themselves, you can choose the album with the prints: ’…’ ’?!!’ ’*’ and XOXO.

    Which word and which meaning match the contents of your photo album? The wide selection allows you to find a coffee table book that works for you, and one which can make for an eye-catching decorative detail in your home!


    KAILA photo albumsInside these luxurious photo albums, you'll find black sheets which make for a stylish - and almost dramatic - backdrop for your photos. Every album contains 30 black sheets (60 pages), where you can stick your photos in yourself. The sheets measure 21x28 cm, which means that every page has more than enough space for two photos measuring 11x15 cm. But with photo albums like these, where you stick in the pictures yourself, you're free to organise your pictures after your fancy - it's like having your own scrapbook photo album! Maybe you also want to spruce up the black pages with fun stickers, or use an album pen to write a little text next to your photos? With these albums, your creativity sets the limits! Inside every album is a discrete and beautiful print on the inside of the cover. The KAILA coffee table photo albums are the result of the very best of stylistically simple Swedish design!

    The album sheets sit inside a convenient ring binder, and if you need to have even more, then we also sell refill sheets for these fashionable albums. The refill sheets come in several different colours. The sheets have pre-punched holes for easy use together with your KAILA coffee table photo album. When you find that you need to buy refill sheets, it can only be a sign that you've got loads of fantastic and memorable pictures to store!


    KAILA is new Swedish brand which focuses on quality and stylistically simple Swedish design - for reasonable prices. "KAILA" is a Hawaiian word meaning "style", which is a very fitting word for KAILA's philosophy and the products it offers.

    KAILA has succeeded in creating products which have that exclusive, premium feeling, while also being affordable and accessible. Their design concept builds on classic Swedish design, which is characterised by minimalism, elegance and functionality - but with a fashionable touch. KAILA offers attractive decorative details at reasonable prices for the modern home!