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Welcome to our selection of fine cosmetic and toiletry bags. Choosing the right organiser for your beauty products is essential as it’s something you’re likely to use every day. The right makeup bag keeps everything in order, whether it’s a small beauty bag that you keep in your handbag, or a larger travel vanity case to take on holiday. It can also be used as a neat way to store toiletries in your bathroom or even as a pretty little clutch purse. Check out our exclusive collection below to find the cosmetic bag that’s perfect for you!

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    A good makeup or toiletry bag is a must in every home. Whether it’s for travelling or for storage in your bathroom, toiletry bags can make life simpler in many ways.

    In your toiletry bag, you can store all kinds of beauty and hygiene products. Many people keep a little makeup or wash bag in their bathroom containing the products they use every day. It gives your bathroom more structure and better organisation. It can be an especially smart choice if you don’t have a cupboard in your bathroom or you simply lack the storage space. You can keep your things in a toiletry bag and still have a neat and tidy bathroom! Organising your belongings allows you to avoid the stress and chaos of a messy room and gives you more time to relax, instead of wasting time searching for your mascara or razor.

    If you choose a large toiletry bag or vanity case with compartments, you’ll might also have space for electronic items and other things such as a razor and hairbrush. A little makeup or wash bag is more practical for storing small items that get easily lost like tweezers, nail clippers, accessories and jewellery.

    It’s wonderful that there are such lovely toiletry and makeup bags that it doesn’t matter if you leave them out where they can be seen. In fact, they can become part of your bathroom decor! For the style conscious who want to take it one step further, consider choosing a toiletry bag in the same colour as your other bathroom textiles. Place your toiletry bag on a shelf with a few neatly rolled hand towels and you’ll have a coordinated, stylish bathroom!


    If you’re intending to travel, a toiletry bag is a must. Makeup bags and wash bags help you to keep your luggage organised and make it easier for you to pack all the beauty and hygiene products you’ll need on your trip. Like a portable makeup cabinet that you can simply place beside the mirror in your hotel bathroom or beside your bed so that your favourite products are always close at hand. It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you’re on a business trip or a private holiday, you can benefit from the simplistic functionality of a toiletry bag. Having everything you need conveniently and safely stored in a toiletry bag also means that should your perfume bottle or shaving foam leak, the rest of your belongings are protected.

    The history behind the toiletry bag began in the 18th century when vanity cases or bags were used to store perfumes and lozenges at home. These developed into the essential bags now used to store toiletries, makeup and other hygiene products when travelling.

    But it isn’t just when travelling long distances that a toiletry or makeup bag is useful. If you like to be organised every day, having a makeup bag inside your handbag can be very practical. You can use it to store lip gloss, painkillers, a pack of tissues or other items you might need during the day. A makeup bag can help you keep track of things in your handbag so that you can easily find them when you need them.


    It can be easy to think that a toiletry or makeup bag can only be used for those things, toiletries and cosmetics, but that simply isn’t true. Lots of toiletry bags are so elegant and stylish that they can be used as little handbags or purses. They come in so many different colours and designs that you can match them to your outfit with ease, which is perfect when you just need to pack a few things like keys, your mobile phone and a wallet or purse. Different materials suit different styles but, when there are so many gorgeous options available, we’re certain you’ll find just what you’re looking for! How about a makeup bag in soft velvet? Or maybe one in a beautifully crinkled plisse?


    Because there are so many different toiletry and makeup bags to choose from, it can be a good idea to consider certain things before making a choice. Depending on how you intend you use it, different models, styles and materials may be more suitable than others. Perhaps you need a toiletry bag for a long holiday in the sun? In this case, a large, practical and easy to clean toiletry bag might be best suited. Or maybe you need additional storage in your bathroom? If your toiletry bag will be on display in your home, you might want to choose one with a more decorative exterior. It is also important to consider what you want to store inside your toiletry or makeup bag. Do you need lots of small compartments for keeping little things safe or would a larger central compartment be more useful?

    It is also important to check the washing instructions when choosing a toiletry bag. Accidents happen and it’s quite likely that, at some point, you’ll need to clean it. Maybe a perfume bottle will leak or perhaps a compact will break spilling powder all over the inside? Under these circumstances, having a toiletry bag with a wipe clean and easy to dry interior can be important. Some bags can even be washed at lower temperatures meaning you can just throw them in the washing machine instead. Always check the washing instructions to make sure you get the right toiletry bag for you!

    It’s great that there are so many different types of toiletry and makeup bags to choose from and especially great that they can fulfil so many purposes. There are toiletry bags to suit men, women and everybody else whether they’re adults or children, or somewhere in-between! In our collection, you’ll find stylish and exclusive toiletry bags in fantastic colours that are equally suitable for everyone.