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Nothing is as wonderful as freshening up your children's room with new bedding and accessories in lovely soft colours and materials. At BGASTORE.UK, we have a large selection of trendy bedding for children's bedrooms. Here you’ll find, among other things, cosy valances for cots, bedding and duvet cover sets in earthy colours and motifs, canopy stands, cot bumpers, canopies and much more for children's rooms. Welcome to and be inspired by our fantastic range of bedding for cots, children’s beds and bedrooms.

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    Tuck your little ones in for a good night's sleep with some lovely new bedding. In our range, you’ll find great duvet cover sets in soft cotton that fit perfectly in smaller children’s beds, cot beds, cribs, moses baskets and prams. Making a bed comfortable with a soft and cosy duvet cover increases the likelihood of your child getting a good sleep. For small babies, their bed should be kept relatively simple and fairly empty but as a child gets a bit older, it’s fun to buy some decorative cushions and cuddly toys.

    Comfortable bedding for children is important in a cot bed. Young children spend lots of time resting, sleeping and even playing and listening to fairy tales in their cots so it’s important that it’s a place they feel safe and cosy. In the cot bed, you can let the bedding reflect your child's age or interests and, as they get older, they can help choose bedding they like for themselves!


    When it comes to bedding for children, it’s important to set standards for quality. A bed set must be durable, breathable and gentle on the child’s skin. It’s also very important that the bedding is hypoallergenic. Cotton bedding is extremely popular for children because it is light and airy whilst being durable and soft. This can help prevent children from overheating on warm nights or if they wriggle a lot in their sleep. Maintaining a high standard of quality for children’s bedding is a priority, as is ensuring it feels comfortable and is pleasant for the child to sleep in.

    In our range, you’ll find quality children’s bedding made from 100% organic cotton which is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® which means that the product meets human ecological requirements and does not contain any chemicals that are harmful to health or the environment. You’ll also find duvet cover sets in 100% unbleached linen of the softest quality. Linen is a sustainable natural material which is good from an ecological perspective.

    In order for cotton to be described as organic, certain criteria must be fulfilled. This begins with the cultivation of the cotton plant itself. Organic cotton is produced without the use of any chemical-synthetic pesticides, fertilisers or genetically modified seeds. The entire production process must be free of environmentally harmful substances. Our canopies available in 100% organic cotton, or in natural linen, are a better alternative for both the environment and your child!


    The need to put fine quality bedding in a cot bed or junior bed is a given so it’s important to choose the bedding set carefully. It forms the basis of everything else in the bed and even though there are many children’s textiles that might be needed for a cot, it is definitely one of the most important. Your choice of bedding will lie directly against your baby's skin so it’s very important that it’s soft and comfortable. Good bedding is worth taking time to choose. Once you’ve chosen the bedding, you can match it with other nice children's textiles for a cosy and welcoming sleeping space.

    When you’re setting up a bed, it’s very important to choose textiles that are suitable for your child's age group. Unlike older children, infants should not have a duvet and pillow when they sleep so when you’re setting up a cot bed or moses basket, we recommend that you follow advice from your healthcare provider or check with your midwife or health visitor.


    Letting your baby sleep outside in a well-bedded pram is commonplace in Nordic countries, giving them fresh air as well as peace and quiet. In our range, you’ll find smaller bed sets that fit perfectly in your pram and allow your child to sleep cosily outdoors on slightly cooler days. Making their pram soft and comfortable also allows your child to easily doze off during a long walk or when you’re out and about.


    In our range, you’ll find bedding that been specially developed for children. You’ll find duvet cover sets in muted pastel colours and in a relaxed style that will suit all different types of homes and children's rooms. Stylish yet simple bedding sets can be a good choice in a busy room full of colourful toys and other things. That way, the bed can add a feeling of calm to the room. All our bedding sets are available in colours that match with our ranges of bed canopies and cot bumpers. You can choose to match these items in the same colour or blend together a variety of shades creating a lovely contrasting effect.

    You’ll also find nice patterned bedding sets that are designed to encourage lovely dreams and a comfortable sleep. For children who like colours and patterns, these are the perfect fit and are a little more fun to sleep in. Putting the kids to bed might be a little bit easier if they get to crawl into a bed that’s fun and playful! It all depends of you and your child. Everyone has their own preferences so it’s great that there are so many options to choose from.

    At BGA, we’re proud that we can present such a fine range of high quality bedding for children. Your child's comfort is paramount so choose between our bedding sets in a variety of lovely colours and patterns above - maybe you’ll find your little one's new favourite!