Cotton curtains

Choosing curtains made from cotton not only gives you a fabric with a great structure but they also hang beautifully around your windows. At BGASTORE.UK, you'll find a wide range of long and short cotton curtains in both cotton blends and pure cotton. Choose a colour or pattern that suits your home and when you hang them, you’ll be amazed at how they transform your room. Our beautiful lengths of cotton look just as good in the bedroom as they do in the living room. Welcome to, and be inspired by, our selection of beautiful cotton curtains!

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    Showing 14 products


    New curtains are perfect for framing a window beautifully, and curtains are as functional as they are decorative. Cotton curtains are a great choice of curtains. In the home, cotton curtains create atmosphere, and they're easy to chop and change in order to change and renew the look of your home easily. Cotton curtains are also great in that they don't prevent light from entering but still provide a certain level of privacy, which can help you feel safe and comfortable at home. That's why cotton curtains are something that works well in all different homes and in all different rooms.

    Cotton curtains come in lots of different designs and there are lots of cotton curtains with exciting patterns, and different textures and colours to choose from. That curtains are so easy to hang and switch up makes it even more fun. In our range of cotton curtains, it's easy to find beautiful curtains that appeal to you.


    Cotton curtains are available in lots of different designs. You can choose between stylish block coloured cotton curtain or beautiful cotton curtains with a nice pattern. Patterned cotton curtains are perfect for bringing a slightly more personal look to your home, and you can easily adapt the pattern to different seasons. Maybe you want a pair of floral cotton curtains in light colours in summer and then to change to a pair in darker colours towards autumn. The fact that curtains are so easy to hang and replace makes it super easy to change the look of your home and adapt the style to match your personality.


    Cotton curtains are available in both thicker and thinner types. Combining the two styles can be especially beautiful. Sometimes, we want a thin curtain because it's lovely and light, allowing very good light entry but also a little privacy. Combining a thin cotton curtain with one in a thicker cotton that hangs more to the side of the window gives the room a little more weight and makes it feel cosy. Double curtains, i.e. a thick curtain and a thin curtain hung together, are common in hotel rooms and have grown into a big trend even in homes. No wonder! Who doesn't want the luxurious feeling of sleeping in a hotel even at home? Hanging double curtains is easiest with a curtain rail that has two grooves. You can hang the thick cotton curtains in the groove at the front and the thin ones behind that. A thin sheer curtain that hangs behind the heavier one is handy for a number of reasons. You can easily pull the thick curtains across when you want to darken the room, but when you pull them to the side, you still have a nice sheer curtain underneath that makes the room extra cosy and also gives you a little protection from the transparency of your windows! Hanging double curtains is really beautiful and immediately gives the room a more luxurious feel. It's also a perfect way to bring more textiles into the room. Introducing more and more textiles into your home gives the space greater depth. Double curtains are perfect in living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms in which you have large windows, because you get a darkening effect you can adjust yourself and a nice privacy that doesn't block out too much of the light.


    Cotton curtains are something that looks good in all different rooms of the home, and especially because cotton curtains are available in lots of different styles and with different hanging methods. Your can easily browse the range of styles to find the one that fits best in the room you need curtains for. Maybe you have a window with not much space around it, such as a window above a kitchen counter or a narrower window. Here, a valance coat made of beautiful airy cotton is perfect. Or do you want a pair of thin curtains in the living room? If so, a pair of sheer cotton curtains works well. There are also cotton curtains that are a little thicker, so even if they're not designed to darken, they can prevent very strong light from finding its way into the room without leaving it completely dark. There's simply the right pair of cotton curtains for all different rooms!

    There are also curtains with different hanging methods to choose from. If you go for multiband curtains, you can choose between either a curtain rail or a curtain rod so you get more hanging options. Cotton curtains with eyelets, on the other hand, are very easy to hang. Both valances and curtains with eyelets fit perfectly in rooms where you know you'll want to draw the curtains often, or in rooms where you know you'll want to change curtains frequently, as the eyelets make both of those things very easy.