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Is there anything cosier than snuggling up with cushions on the sofa and immersing yourself in a good film? Pillows can work wonders in your home – both for the comfort factor but also that homely feeling. With is at BGASTORE.UK, you’ll find a wide range of trendy decorative cushions in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. With us you can find decorative cushions to suit every home – whatever the decor!

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    Decorating your home with beautiful decorative cushions feels really luxurious. When everything in your home is in its place, the bed is made, and the blanket is nicely folded on the sofa, taking out your decorative cushions and placing them nicely around the house is an extra special treat.

    In our range of decorative cushions, you'll find different filled cushions, so you don't need to supplement them with more inner cushions. When you get your decorative cushion home, it's ready to be put in its right place as is. Decorative cushions are available in different colours, shapes and materials, so you can easily find one that suits your home.

    With a decorative cushion, you can change the whole feel of a room. Despite the fact that it's not a detail that takes up a lot of space, a decorative cushion does a lot for the finished result. You might choose a patterned decorative cushion, and it'll immediately become an eye-catcher in the home. Or you might go for a more minimalistic decorative cushion that provides extra comfort on the sofa. A beige decorative cushion can be beautifully matched with a decorative cushion in a stronger colour for those who want the best of both styles! It's fun with decorative cushions because it's hard to have too many, and because they're so easy to move around and swap out for others, you can easily chop and change between different decorative cushions. Decorative cushions are available in a range of different materials. Depending on what look you want to go for at home, you can choose one material or mix and match several different ones.


    Decorative cushions made of cotton are a popular choice. Cotton decorative cushions can differ greatly in appearance depending on how the cushion cover is made. Cotton decorative cushions can be have different coloured patterns or tufted patterns, and be made of a type of cotton that's coarser or one that's softer. Basically, they can be very different to each other, which is what's fun about them. Cotton is a nice durable material, and we can guarantee that there are decorative cushions in cotton for all styles and tastes. With cotton-based materials, a velvet-like quality on the cushion can also be achieved.


    Polyester is a common material for making decorative cushions. It's a durable material that can often be washed many times without losing shape or colour, which is good in a cushion. As with cotton, polyester can be used to create lots of different effects. A popular choice is polyester velvet, which is a soft and elegant material. The filling in decorative cushions is often made of polyester. For a climate-smart choice, you can choose a decorative cushion made of recycled polyester.


    Linen is a very popular material indeed. Linen has a relaxed look and often comes in natural colours, which contributes to a relaxed and rustic look. If you want a decorative cushion that's stylish but with a bit more going on than just a regular block-coloured cushion, you should choose one made of linen. Linen is also a durable material, which makes it always a smart choice!


    Of course, there are lots different materials, many more than those mentioned above. Different materials can give different looks, which is fun. Something that's also common is cushions made of a blend of lots of different materials. This is great, because then you get the best properties of each material in a single decorative cushion.


    As the name implies, a decorative cushion is meant to be a decoration, but that doesn't mean it has to be uncomfortable or impractical. With decorative cushions, it's important that they contribute to both the aesthetics of the home. Depending on the style you're attracted to, you can choose decorative cushions that are more elegant, such as those in velvet, or decorative cushions in rustic linen that contribute to a down-to-earth feeling in the home. There are lots of different cushions to choose from. But it's also important that decorative cushions contribute to a good level of comfort. A decorative cushion should be as comfortable to lean on as it is nice to look at! When choosing decorative cushions, you can always check what material they're filled with to get an idea of how firm they are. Different fillings in decorative cushions provide different firmnesses and thus also different levels of support. Choose the filling that gives you the support you need. Polyester filling is an example of a filling that's soft, while springs are a type of filling that provides good support and feels fluffy.

    Decorative cushions are needed in every home, and look good in lost of different rooms. The sofa is an obvious place for decorative cushions, which isn't so strange because cushions are like the icing on the cake and really enhance a sofa's appearance. On the bed, too, decorative cushions work really well. But decorative cushions are a must in so many more places. On the reading chair or a cosy chaise longue, in the seating area in the hallway, on the garden furniture, or even to make the dining chairs more comfortable. Decorative cushions set the style of the space in which they're placed and are a truly beautiful way to decorate. Even in the kids' room decorative cushions are important. For older kids, it can be really fun to choose different decorative cushions in different colours and decorate their bed with them. A decorative cushion is appreciated by children as well as adults.


    Decorative cushions mixed and matched with others in different colours and shapes can work really well. You can enhance the style of a home or change it completely by replacing your decorative cushions. It's funny that something so easy to add to the home can make such a strong impression depending on which decorative cushion you choose. Decorative cushions are an affordable way to make your home stylish and beautiful. With decorative cushions, it's possible to mix and match lots of different shapes and sizes. A large decorative cushion looks very nice combined with a round decorative cushion or one in a slightly smaller size. A standard size for a decorative cushion is often 45x45 cm or 50x50 cm. These regular sizes are classic decorative cushions that fit everywhere, but they're especially fun to mix and match with decorative cushions in more unique shapes. It's fun with decorative cushions because it's hard to have too many, and because they're so easy to move around and swap out for others, you can easily chop and change between different decorative cushions.