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Decorate with simplicity and style using our beautiful round cushions in a variety colours and shapes. Nothing is as cosy as a freshly made bed or when the sofa is tidied and you place a round cushion on it as decoration. That's what we at BGASTORE.UK call homely! Here we have a large range of round cushions so you can find the circular cushion that suits your home perfectly! Welcome to a world of beautiful circular cushions.

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    There's something special about round cushions. They're a type of cushion that just exudes a unique feeling. A round cushion really adds to the elegance and cosiness of a home and makes it extra homely.

    A round decorative cushion looks perfect on the sofa, armchair or bed, and always adds something special and beautiful to the spot in which it's placed. Round cushions often come in very elegant designs and immediately make the room they're placed in especially beautiful.

    One thing that's always positive about cushions is that, as well as enhancing the aesthetic, they also contribute to the comfort level of a home. It's always more comfortable to lean against soft cushions! Round cushions in velvet bring a real wow factor to your home while also being soft and comfortable to rest on for a while.


    Round cushions are something that really draws attention, and in our range you'll find lots of different round cushions in exclusive velvet that immediately become eye-catchers in the home with their elegant and luxurious designs. They're perfect when matched with other beautiful velvet products to bring a common thread to your home. They really add a sense of luxury wherever they're placed.

    Creating a feeling of elegance and exclusivity in your home can make the whole experience of decorating it much more fun. But the best thing is of course enjoying the final result, and with a couple of round cushions, you can be sure to get a great one. Something that's especially about round velvet cushions is mixing and matching different designs and colours to get a personal round cushion collection. A round velvet cushion is something extra special, and all the different choices can really feel exciting. Maybe it's a pink round velvet cushion you're looking for, or a red one?


    If you choose to decorate with a couple of round cushions, you can easily change the look of your home, and by mixing it up, it's very easy to adapt your space to different trends and seasons. If you're a person who likes to innovate, it doesn't have to mean you have to change everything and spend a lot of money. It might just be enough to change up different textiles according to the season to get that sought-after feeling of something new.

    Round cushions are easier to replace and change up according to the season if you want to try lots of different designs of cushion cover. If you're a person who easily gets tired of colours, then maybe cushion covers and inner cushions are a better option, because it's so easy to buy a few different round cushion covers and swap them out from time to time. You will of course find suitable inner cushions for all our cushion covers in our range. A decorative round cushion is already filled, and there's not always a zip that allows you to change covers, so it's nice to buy a round cushion that's ready to be placed in the home as is, and just move it around between different rooms if you want to change things up a little.


    Different cushions are always really beautiful to mix and match with each other. Round cushions and round cushion covers are really nice to mix and match with cushions in other shapes for a fun but stylish sense of contrast. Combining square and rectangular cushions on the sofa and finishing them with a round cushion to which all the focus is drawn in front can look really good, for example. If you want to avoid different styles and just stick to round cushions but still want to create some dynamism, you can mix and different colours and materials on your round cushions. That way, your space will still look lively. Round cushions are a perfect way to bring more colour into your home and decorating with colourful little details brings a wonderful atmosphere to the home with little effort. Round cushions are available in lots of different colours.

    If you prefer more uniform, minimalistic interiors, you can of course create such a space with round cushions. There are lots of different round cushions in simpler designs that fit perfectly in the modern, stylish home. Regardless of their colour, different kinds of textiles of various make a home feel super cosy, and that's exactly what's so good about round cushions. It's easy to make room for them, and it's easy to find something that suits your own interior design style. Whether you want to make a bold choice and choose a round cushion in a unique colour, or if you want to make a safe choice in a more stylish shade that you know goes well with everything in your home, there's the right round cushion for you!


    Round cushions really enhance an elegant and cosy atmosphere in the home. Just remember to match your round cushions with other home textiles for that really cosy feel. Round cushions are a nice complement to other textiles and are the finishing touch on a space. In our beautiful and carefully selected range of round cushions, you'll find, for example, elegant decorative cushions in exclusive polyester velvet, trendy round cushions and beautiful round cushion covers with old-fashioned charm. We promise that there's something for everyone!