Decorate your home with beautiful tapestries! Tapestries are a type of textile wall art which is woven or embroidered. Textile wall art gives your home a warm feeling and creates an atmosphere which is both soft and harmonious.

Choose from tapestries in different shades and styles and find one that is just right for you. No matter whether you like bohemian or modern style, a tapestry makes for a beautiful and eye-catching detail in your home.

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    Showing 5 products


    Make a good aesthetic choice – hang up a tapestry in your home! Hanging up a tapestry makes your home warmer and cosier. Maybe you've never heard of a tapestry and are wondering what it is? Well, it's a kind of picture made from textiles, often cotton, with a weaved or embroidered pattern. Often, the whole picture is made from textiles. A textile piece of art really is a fashionable choice, and will make for a truly eye-catching decorative detail in your home.

    A textile picture brings a totally new look to your wall, and they're often on the larger side. If you've got an empty surface somewhere in your home that you don't know what to do with, then why not hang a beautiful tapestry there?! They take up quite a bit of space on the wall, making them an attractive decorative detail that won't go unnoticed!


    A textile tapestry is an alternative to the classic picture on the wall, and the textile creates a soft contrast against a photo frame's angular look. If you're looking to get more warmth into your home, then a tapestry can be a good way of doing that. But they aren't mutually exclusive! In fact, they look great together. Because it creates a soft contrast, you can create a dynamic effect with your wall decorations by matching these two kinds together. Why not hang a textile among your pictures in a nice picture wall? It will make your picture wall more lively and unique.


    A good thing about wall art made from textiles is that they're really easy to find a place on your walls for. A tapestry looks great in lots of different places in the home, and gives your wall a warm look no matter where it's placed. The fact that it's made from textiles just accentuates it in an even better way.

    It's a good idea to put tapestries in rooms where you want to create a relaxed and cosy feeling, since that's the effect they have on our decor. They are especially well-suited to rooms where we want to feel relaxed, such as in the bedroom and living room. For many, the living room is a place where you can relax. Maybe this is where you go after work to be able to relax and watch TV, so it's important to have a warm, inviting atmosphere. It's also at least as important that the bedroom also feels nice, since that's where we start and end the day. Decorating these rooms with textile tapestries is, therefore, a great choice, since it really accentuates the cosy feeling!

    It's also good that tapestries are so easy to hang up. Different tapestries come with different hanging accessories in the shape of a band or special edge, making it easy to hang them up. This makes it both easy and convenient to hang them up on your wall. It also makes it easy to move the tapestry around to different rooms if you feel that you want to freshen your home up a bit.


    Hanging up a tapestry is tasteful, and there are several different tapestries to choose from. We dare say that there's something here for all styles. Maybe you want a tapestry with a botanical theme? Or a tapestry with beige and brown colours? Choosing a tapestry in natural colours with a discreet pattern will make it a beautiful and warm decorative detail in your home – one that blends in with the rest of the decor. If, instead, you choose a tapestry with a natural theme, it will make for a decorative detail that adds a natural feeling to your home. This is something that many probably want in their homes, since nature makes us feel relaxed and refreshed. There are also lots of tapestries in beige and brown colours with discreet patterns, making for a cosy feeling in your home. You can also choose between tapestries with tufted patterns, making this special piece of wall art more lively. There are several different kinds to choose from, which is good, since you can choose the tapestry that best suits your own home, making for a beautiful textile wall decoration. If you're attracted to more minimalist interior design, you can choose a tapestry with a more discreet pattern and in subdued colours, bringing that cosy feeling into your home. If, on the other hand, you prefer colours and contrasts, then you can choose a colourful tapestry with a more lively pattern. Some tapestries also have decorative fringes, making for a further nice decorative detail!

    Take a look in our selection of beautiful tapestries above, and choose between different pieces of textile wall art to get a tasteful decorative detail for your wall!