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Are you looking for the perfect oval picture frame to hang next to your wood burner, a made to measure photo frame produced according to your specifications, or a beautiful collage picture frame for showing off your family photos? Then look no further!

With us at BGA, you'll find a large range of phoo frames, magnetic and mini frames, made to measure frames and much more. Click and choose between thousands of different picture frames in different colours, shapes and sizes - here we've got something for all homes. Our picture frames are, of course, of the very highest quality.

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 6268 products


    If there's something we're experts in, it's frames, and we offer the largest range of picture frames available, so we can promise you there's something for everyone!

    In our large range, you can find collage frames, magnetic frames, oval frames and round frames. There's something for every home. You can choose between different colours, woods, materials and depths for most picture frames. If you still don't find anything that fits, we also manufacture custom-made picture frames.


    Every home needs stylish picture frames! Empty walls that echo are really annoying and make homes feel bare. Simply put, beautiful wall decoration is a must! There are lots more surfaces you can put picture frames on as decoration. On chests of drawers, window sills and other surfaces. There's always room for a nice picture frame. You can even put a frame on the refrigerator, as there's something called a magnetic frame! Magnetic frames are perfect for placing a smaller photo or image on the fridge or freezer. Maybe a nice family photo, the first ultrasound or a selfie with a friend that'll make you happy every time you look at it? Don't forget that even the smallest photos deserve to be seen and framed in mini frames. Why not frame lots of little photos, maybe those cute little school photos of the kids, and place them next to each other?


    Round picture frames might not be the most common thing in people's homes nowadays. But they're truly beautiful and classic interior design pieces that will never go out of style! Ovular frames and round frames were very popular in the past and can immediately cast people's minds back in retro and vintage-inspired interiors, or create beautiful contrast in modern homes. Something that was very popular to frame in round picture frames was family photos and portraits.

    These picture frames can almost be seen as a work of art in themselves, and there are different colours and styles to choose from. Maybe you want a more rustic frame, or a classic creamy white oval frame?


    By mixing and matching different types of picture frames in your home, it becomes more unique. Some people might stick to one shape and colour, but if you're not looking for that uniform look and want your home to stand out a little more, you can put different types of frames together. Maybe you want frames in light oak in one room and dark walnut in another.

    For those who are very creative, mixing different picture frames with each other on a nice picture wall is perfect. It really gives picture walls a dynamic look. Combining different sized picture frames and picture frames in different shapes really gives your home wow factor. Try placing an oval frame among squares, or a silver one next to a luxurious gold frame. Mixing different materials brings dimension to the space. Creating a picture wall is fun because it really gives you the chance to be creative and follow your own tastes, and it's always an extra plus to be able to frame nice pictures in stylish picture frames on the wall. With a little creativity and planning, you can create a picture wall that becomes an eye-catching detail in your home.


    Something we're proud to be able to offer are custom-made frames from our own frame workshop. This means that if you have a picture or want to develop a photo in a unique size, you don't need to discard the idea of framing it. We give you the chance to produce a picture frame in unique dimensions! There are lots of different picture frame types to choose from, so a custom-made picture frame doesn't have to be a boring option. Ordering a custom-made picture frame from us at BGA is easy. When you've found a picture frame you like in our range of custom-made frames, you simply specify the dimensions you want. When you've done this, the price is calculated automatically. So when we say we offer something for everyone, we really mean it!