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Here we've collected together all the beautiful and trendy Coffee Table Albums from Printworks which have quickly become a favourite with us!

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    Showing 44 products

    A Coffee Table Album

    Printworks has really succeeded on all levels with "A Coffee Table Photo Album"! These photo albums are both stylish, gorgeous and inventive! We think these albums look fantastic, and we know you will too!

    This is photo albums at their best, there's no doubt about that. Not only have they chosen to name these albums "coffee table" albums, but they have made sure that they're suitable for just that purpose!

    These photo albums are available in different variants, but they all go under the same description, i.e. "A Coffee Table Photo Album". If you want, you can collect them all! As these photo albums come in different colours, you might think that they won't go together. Of course, that's not the case! Naturally, Printworks, which is a Swedish design company, has made sure that the colours go perfectly with each other!

    You can choose between pink, grey and many others, and all different photo albums are for different types of photos. Among other things, you can buy "Good Times", "Friends and Things", "Family etc." or "Blast from the Past". As you can clearly tell, these photo albums are spot on and absolutely fabulous!

    3 st Coffee Table Album

    Check out these pictures of both the outside and inside, as well as examples of what it looks like when you put a number of these photo albums on top of each other on a table. It looks so good, it's hard to contain oneself! This is definitely the type of photo album that creates a proper must-have need, and in our humble opinion, you might as well just give in to the desire to shop! They look so beautiful together, you don't want to separate them!

    These are truly luxurious albums that are suitable for all your favourite pictures. The best thing about them is that you can divide the pictures based on the different types of albums, as we mentioned above. It's super nice to have one album with friends, one with family and so on. It doesn't get better than this!

    Hopefully, these exquisite albums will make you actually get to grips with the pictures on your phone, by letting them come out in physical form and into a posh photo album. If these photo album goodies don't make you do it, we do not know what will; they're that fabulous!