Environment and sustainability

We all have a shared responsibility for our planet, and we at BGA know that we must do what we can to reduce our environmental footprint. To do our bit – both in the short and long term. We have therefore taken a number of measures, and you can read more about them here.

Smart packaging, fewer journeys

Smart, effective, and size-adapted packaging minimises unnecessary air in the packaging, and means that more packets can be taken on each journey. More packets on each journey leads to fewer journeys being made.


Sorting and recycling our waste is important for us – both in our warehouse as well as in the office and kitchen. A small and simple step for individuals, but a big boost for the environment when we all help out.

Sustainable servers

Our servers are based at a sustainable data centre and are completely powered by eco-labelled electricity. Clean electricity that is 100% renewable and meets strict environmental requirements.

Mainly made in Sweden

We have a close cooperation with Galleri1, a picture frame producer with production in Sweden. In our range of picture frames, we strive to have as many as possible from Galleri1.

In-house poster production

We print the majority of our posters and personal posters ourselves, and we therefore produce only the exact number required. Unnecessary production is unnecessary in multiple ways – not least for the environment – and through in-house production we have the fantastic opportunity to reduce our effect on the environment. On occasions where our capacity is outgrown, we work with local printers to fill the excess demand, thereby reducing the length and number of journeys in the supply chain.

Energy-effective lighting

In our buildings, we use LED-lighting, which uses less power. The lighting in our warehouse is, furthermore, equipped with motion sensors, so it is only used when one of us is moving around in that specific part of the warehouse. A smart measure to reduce unnecessary energy use.

Electricity from 100% hydroelectric sources

Starting from 2021, our electricity will come from 100% hydroelectric sources, which makes it fossil-fuel and CO2 free.