I have received a broken or incorrect product - What do I do?

We always do our best to inspect our products before they are sent and package them in the best way possible. Since almost all of the picture frames/mirrors we sell contain real glass, it does unfortunately happen on occasion that the product arrives broken. It happens with approximately 1-2% of all consignments, and is something we work with continuously to reduce, both so that you as our customer won’t have any problems, but also to reduce our impact on the environment.

We package all of our picture frames in substantial boxes, combined with kraft paper, and in order to protect the products from bumps we package all of our picture frames in bubble wrap. (Unfortunately, bubble wrap is the material which affords the best protection. We are working all the time to reduce our usage of it.) This makes the delivery to your home as safe as it can be.

If you are unlucky enough to receive a damaged or incorrect product, we always do the utmost to provide help quickly and smoothly, and minimise the inconvenience to you. The only thing we need from you is a picture of the broken or incorrect product. Email info@bgastore.uk with the picture of the damage, order number, your contact information and a description of what has gone wrong. We will see to it that the situation is resolved as fast as possible. 

You can initiate a return and/or refund via our live chat. To contact us via live chat, click on the pink chat box in the lower right-hand corner.

Our foremost aim is that you, our customer, will always be satisfied. If we (or a delivery company) make mistakes, we will always do our best to satisfy you. To read our complete purchase conditions -click here-