Mounts in your own dimensions

You can order made-to-measure mounts for your pictures here, fast and easy. We make all our mounts ourselves, and they are, of course, acid-free.

Pick and choose between loads of different colours and shades. You decide yourself which outer- and inner dimensions you want. The price depends on which size you choose – fast, convenient and simple.

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    Showing 72 products
    Showing 72 products

    "Made to measure" picture mounts for you

    Sometimes the best images are those that do not follow standard dimensions. Do you have a photo like that which you want to frame? You can order a "made to measure" picture mount from our store at a very reasonable price. We make them in a number of stylish colours, meaning you can find a mount that goes perfectly with your home decor. Obviously, all our picture mounts are made of acid-free paper with a neutral pH value, making your photos last longer. -Click here- to learn more about our picture mounts.

    Sometimes you have an image you really love but the size is not to standard dimensions. That can make it annoyingly difficult to find a nice picture frame and perhaps particularly a picture mount that works. It is important that the mount fits to the image exactly and brings out the beauty in it. You have the opportunity to order a "made to measure" picture mount in exactly the size required to fit the image perfectly. We have the ability to make a picture mount with the exact outer and inner dimensions that you need to best present your image and make it a focal point in the room.

    The "made to measure" picture mounts are also available in a number of different colours, making it possible to match it seamlessly to your home decor. Or why not choose a mount that is a beautiful contrast to the wallpaper in your renovated room? When you order your picture mount, you can choose between blue, green, red, grey and pink. We have picture mounts that goes well with most preferences and interior styles, so we trust you will find something you like!

    The material you put around your most treasured pictures is of great importance as the acid in the mount cardboard can damage the picture. We have extensive experience of photo products and understand the value your photos represent to you. That's why all the picture mounts you find in our store are acid-free and pH-neutral - all to extend the life of your images. You can always trust that the products you find in our store are carefully developed and selected to always be the best choice for your treasured photos.