Round mirrors


Who says that everything has to be so square? A room which feels a little stale and boring can acquire a more easy-going and playful feeling if you choose a round mirror as a decorative detail.

In our range, you can choose round mirrors in different styles and sizes. Do you want a mirror which can be hung on the wall, or should it be able to stand on a table or another piece of furniture? Will it be a mirror with or without a frame?

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 143 products

    Round mirrors

    Rund Spegel 70 cm ØThere are many different types of stylish mirrors to suit all our individual tastes and styles. Round mirrors are increasingly popular at the moment, which is not surprising since they give a soft and stylish detail to any room, which is always a hit.

    The shape of the mirror is the most important defining feature for some people, whereas for others it is the size or material. If the space is available, any option is possible, but for smaller spaces it's often essential to be able to hang a mirror on the wall.

    Not everyone wants to use precious floor space for a standing mirror, especially when there are so many styles made to be hung on the wall. However, for some, the opposite is true, and the walls are already full but there is lots of available floor space. This is the good thing about mirrors - everyone can find the space somewhere!

    Classic mirrors

    Round mirrors can be found in many different homes. Both young and older people choose round mirrors because they work with all possible styles of interior decor. If you're unsure of what style mirror to buy, you can always rely on a round one to look great wherever it's hung.

    Any home and room instantly feel more homely with an attractive mirror in place. We have a large collection of many different styles to choose from, so everyone can find the perfect mirror.

    Things to think about when choosing a mirror

    As with all interior accessories, it's wise to think your purchase through when buying a mirror. It's such an everyday product, and there are many options to choose from which can mean it’s a tricky decision to make. Remember that the mirror should work with the style of your home decor, and it's easier to choose a mirror to fit in with the rest of the home than vice-versa.

    It's easy to fall for a round mirror that's only big enough to see your face in, but sometimes you need a full-length mirror. After all, a mirror needs to be practical as well as look good.

    Positioning of a round mirror

    There are three ways to go about deciding the position of a mirror. The first is that you place it where you think it looks good, the second is where it would be most practical to have a mirror. The third and ideal alternative is where it would be practical and look good at the same time. It's not always possible to meet both requirements, so just prioritise what works best in your home.

    One thing worth thinking about when deciding the best place for a mirror, is lighting. If it's too dark, then it will be difficult to use the mirror to apply make-up, for example. It can be tricky to know the optimal place for a mirror if you've just moved into a new home but try walking around with a mirror in hand to test the light in different areas.

    New round mirror - new home!

    Sometimes, it doesn't take more than a new mirror to get the feeling of a brand-new home all over again. There are so many gorgeous round mirrors around now that you're guaranteed to find one you love. Just browse our collection to see what takes your fancy!

    We often don't include mirrors when we think about aesthetics, we only think of their function and so don't ever consider buying a new one. If we compare with plant pots or lamps, which we replace quite often with new styles, mirrors tend to stay put until we move to a new house. So, don't forget to think about your mirrors the next time you want to give your home a lift, as they're not only functional but most are really attractive too!

    When one mirror is not enough

    It's possible to have more than one round mirror, even if you don't have much space. They're perfect for the hallway, bathroom, bedroom and more. There are so many gorgeous round mirrors to choose from, it's difficult to pick just one, but why not hang one in every room?

    If you can't choose between two round mirrors, it's always disappointing to leave one behind, so just buy them both! You can always find space for beautiful interior details.

    Remember that children too use mirrors when they play or get dressed, so it might be a good idea having a mirror in their bedroom. Even small babies love looking at their reflection, so the nursery is also a great place to hang a mirror.