Complementing your frame with an elegant mount is always a good idea! With a mount, you create an impactful and exclusive-looking frame with an even greater focus on the subject of the picture. Also, you protect your poster or print by preventing it from coming into contact with the frame glass.

As well as mounts in hundreds of standard sizes and many different stylish colours, we also offer custom-made mounts for those of your pictures that have unusual dimensions. Welcome to our generous range of mounts!

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 1139 products


    As you can see above, there is a lot to think about when choosing a mount for your picture frame. We are all different and we all have completely different styles and tastes. If you're looking solely for a mount, then you've come to exactly the right place as we have plenty to choose from.

    We ensure that our range of products is as broad as possible, so we guarantee that there is something for everyone, whether you are looking for picture frames, posters, mounts or any other accessories. We are certain you will be able to find what you are looking for, and probably a bit more!

    If you're looking for a white mount, why not buy one in black too, in case you fancy a change? Or how about an elegant new picture or print to go with your stylish new mount? Whatever you decide, we are certain you will not be disappointed with the range we have to offer.

    Our products are both high-quality and great value, as we are sure you'll agree after browsing our large selection. If you buy one of our mounts, you will get a top-quality product for a low price. Is it possible to have both? Absolutely, and our mounts are the perfect example.

    It's always good to know what others think about a product before you buy it, so why not check out the reviews left by our customers? If the mount you've got your eye on has been rated five stars, then you know for sure that you're making the right choice.

    A mount is the perfect choice if you want to give your pictures the final touch in addition to the frame. A mount also gives the perfect finish to photo collages, for all your favourite pictures or even a personalised gift for a loved one.

    A mount should always be pH-neutral and acid-free, so as not to damage your picture over time. We care about your pictures so you can always count on us to use mounts that meet these standards.

    Things to think about when choosing a mount

    It can be daunting at first to decide the right size and combination of mount and picture frame. The outer dimensions of the mount should always be the same as the picture frame itself. Our picture frames are always named after their size, so "Soul Vit 18x24 cm" would need a mount with outer dimensions of 18x24 cm. The opening of the mount should always be 1 cm smaller than the actual picture, so that it is possible to join them together and to avoid the picture falling through the mount. Or worse still, the picture falling through the mount several months later.

    1. Ready-made or bespoke?
    For the vast majority of standard picture sizes, we have ready-made mounts in several colours to choose from. Have a browse through our selection to find the right size and colour for your picture. Our ready-made mounts come in various colours and sizes from 10x15 cm up to 70x100 cm, either in one colour or with a contrasting inside core of a different colour.

    If your picture is an unusual shape, or if you need a mount for a non-standard sized picture frame, then you always have the option to order one of our bespoke mounts. You tell us the total size of the mount and the size of the opening (read more about how to measure below), and we cut it to size in our workshop.

    2. What style mount?
    Are you after a standard mount with a square or rectangular opening for a photo? Or perhaps you are creating a photo collage and need multiple openings, or maybe you're looking for a mount with an oval opening for that black and white photo of grandma? We have many different possibilities so you can be sure to find the right mount for you, whether it is ready-made or bespoke.

    3. Which colour?
    White is by far the most common choice of mount, and it does look great with the majority of pictures. But a coloured mount can really enhance a picture and give it that extra wow-factor. Think about the colours in your picture: could a coloured mount enhance or compliment these colours? Or perhaps a jet black mount could give your picture an even more striking look.
    We also have several mounts with a contrasting core (white is standard), read more about this further down.

    Different types of mount

    - Coloured core
    A mount with a coloured core means that the main surface of the mount is one colour, and the inner cut edge of the opening is in another colour. The cuts are made at an angle, so the coloured core of the mount is exposed and acts as a border right next to your picture.

    White mount with black core, and black mount with white core.

    -Double layer mounts
    Here we use two mounts in contrasting colours to really accentuate your picture. White with blue or pink for those cute baby photos, or how about white and red for your most romantic or festive photos?

    - Photo collage mounts
    The perfect mount for when you want to display several pictures in one frame. We have a variety of choices, whether you want two pictures or up to 16 pictures in the collage. Just remember that the pictures must be the right size for the openings in the mount. Often, the more openings a mount has, the smaller they are, compared with a mount with just two openings for example.

    - Mounts with unusual openings
    Not all mounts need to have square openings. Why not choose a heart shaped opening for that person who has captured your heart, or a round opening to focus on a certain aspect of the picture, or how about a wavy opening for a more fun look.

    Bespoke mounts

    If none of our ready-made mounts are suitable for your picture, you can always go for a bespoke option. You give us the dimensions and we make it in our workshop for you. All bespoke mounts are cut from durable 1,8 mm acid free card from Canson. With a bespoke mount, you always get the exact mount you require.

    Tips when ordering a bespoke mount:

    1. Outer dimensions
    The outer dimensions of your mount should always be exactly the same as the picture frame itself, ie the total size of the mount.
    For example: Your picture frame measures 30x40 cm. The outer dimensions of the mount should also be 30x40 cm.

    2. Inside/opening dimensions
    Measure the picture you will have in the mount. The opening of the mount should be at least 1 cm smaller that the picture. If the mount opening is the exact same size as your picture, it will be tricky to adhere and will probably result in some unsightly gaps.
    Example: Your picture measures 20x30 cm. The opening should measure 19x29 cm.

    3. How wide should a mount be?
    We recommend that a mount should be at least 5 cm wide around your picture (see example above) to give a balanced finish in the frame. If a mount is too narrow, the picture can look a bit squashed, so in these cases it is often better to opt for a larger picture frame to accommodate a wider mount. If the picture frame itself is quite small, then a mount narrower than 5 cm can be used.
    (The smallest border you can have around your mount is 2 cm, as it is not possible to cut any narrower.)

    We work continuously to ensure we have as many standard sized mounts as possible, but we cannot cover every possible combination. But it is simple to customize your mounts to your own specification. Finally, we always recommend that all of our customers purchase our acid-free mounting tape to ensure the mounting of your pictures is as simple and as long lasting as possible. If you plan to mount lots of pictures and want to avoid fingerprints and scratches, you may also wish to buy our cotton gloves specially made for handling photographs.

    Assembling your mount

    Ensure that you have a clean, flat surface to work on when you assemble your picture mount and frame. 

    Tear off two pieces of mounting tape and attach them so they overhang the top edge of the back your picture. The idea is that the picture should hang freely within the mount. Lay the picture flat with the front and the sticky side of the tape facing up, and place the mount on top. Press firmly to ensure that the tape sticks to the back of the mount. Your picture should now be taped to the top edge of the mount and hang freely.
    Remove the backing board from your picture frame, place the mount and picture inside the frame and reattach the backing board.

    Remember to always use acid-free mounting tape to ensure your picture does not become damaged with age.

    What if I change my mind?

    For ready-made mounts, our returns policy is the same as for our other products.

    For bespoke mounts, which have been crafted to individual and unique specifications, our returns policy does not apply.