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Do you need a mirror that makes it easy to apply makeup well? Makeup mirrors are practical in lots of ways, and they also make for a stylish decorative detail in your home.

Maybe you'll go for a decorative table mirror, or a mirror with integrated LED lighting? We have a wide range of different makeup mirrors to match your personal style and what you're looking for!

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    Showing 90 products


    Do you love that time you take for yourself at the makeup table? Why not make it even more luxurious with an elegant makeup mirror with integrated LED lighting? An exclusive mirror with lighting can help your home feel like a luxurious beauty salon. What's more, this kind of mirror isn't just a decorative detail – it's also very practical. A makeup mirror with good lighting makes it easier to see how your makeup looks. In other words, it really helps with your morning routine!


    With us, you'll find lots of different mirrors in varying shapes and styles. There are lots of different mirrors to choose from. A makeup mirror with LED lighting in the form of lightbulbs that give the mirror a nice frame is a truly elegant touch and will give your home a Hollywood feeling. Or maybe you're interested in a makeup mirror with a stand and integrated LED lighting in the form of a frosted edge, giving a more modern touch? Round makeup mirrors, and oval ones, can look really great. Maybe you're looking for a makeup mirror that allows you to see yourself from lots of different angles? Such as a 4-in-1 makeup mirror with several sides, and magnifying glass? Or a convenient portable makeup mirror that you can always take with you in your pocket, and use wherever you are? Maybe you've long had your eye on a makeup mirror with lighting that you hang on the wall? Well, in our selection you'll find all of these and more!

    Most mirrors also come in black and white. Both black and white are two colours that suit all homes and all decors. They go hand in hand with any home, no matter what other colours you use. A classic white makeup mirror is a classic choice, while black looks a bit tougher, while still remaining elegant. Check out our selection above and choose a mirror that suits you and your requirements!


    The fact that mirrors are a must-have in any home is something everybody knows! But the specific kind of mirror which you're looking for is an individual matter. There are lots of different kinds of mirrors for different needs. Mirrors are a beautiful decorative detail that create space in your home, and a makeup mirror with integrated LED lighting definitely brings more light to any room. A makeup mirror with lighting can, of course, also be used for so much more than just makeup. LED lighting also makes it easier to apply shaving cream, fix your hair or pluck unwanted hairs. Thanks to the lighting, you can even put this kind of mirror in places where sunlight doesn't reach, such as in a dark corner, a cupboard or hallway without windows. Why not add a luxurious and elegant feeling to these rooms with a nice makeup mirror?!


    The integrated LED lighting that comes in these kinds of mirrors consists of LED diodes. These can't be removed and replaced, but they do have the same lifespan as the mirror. In other words, this will provide good lighting for many hours of makeup application! After 50,000 hours, the strength of the lighting is estimated to fall to about 50% of its original level. LED lighting gives a 2800-3000K glow, which makes for a warm white colour temperature. Kelvin is often measured in a scale that stretches from 1000 to 10,000K, with a lower value indicating a warmer colour temperature, and a higher value indicating a cold light. In the 2500-3500K range, the light is, in other words, warmer, and has a golden glow. This is the optimal kind of lighting for home environments, as we are used to lightbulbs and halogen lamps. This light is also perfect for makeup application, and promises to give you the perfect look every day!

    Sometimes it's better to have a strong light, and sometimes it's better to have a weaker one – that's why a makeup mirror with dimmable lighting is perfect! Many of our makeup mirrors have a dimmable function, meaning that you can easily adjust the strength of the lighting according the light around you. You can easily adjust the light by pressing and holding the touch button on the screen for a few seconds. Click on the mirror you're interested in and read more about it and its functions!