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Collect your pictures in a photo album, so that it's easy to take them out when you want and reminisce of another time…

Are you the creative type, the kind who wants to glue in their pictures according to their own taste? Then maybe a photo album with blank pages will suit you best. Otherwise, there are photo albums with pre-made photo pockets, which make your job a little easier and faster.

Choose between many different styles, sizes and colours.

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    • Type of photo album
    • Photo album colour
    • Number of pages
    • Maximum number of pictures
    • Place for writing with eac ...
    • For pictures size
    • Colour of album pages
    • Picture orientation
    • Size of album pages (Width ...
    • Outer measurements (Width ...
    • Acid-free paper
    • Protective glassine sheet
    • Picture size on the front ...
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    Showing 1 - 100 of 538 products

    Albums for every occasion

    Photo album filled with memoriesPhoto albums are wonderful for several different reasons. You collect your best memories in one place and provide your photos the respect they deserve by placing them in an album. We have fewer photo albums today because we simply photograph in a completely different way today than we did before. This doesn't mean that you should forget how lovely a photo album can be!

    Browse our fantastic albums and create your own personalised photo montage. You'll quickly notice creating an album makes you look at photos in a completely different way to flicking through them on your phone or computer.

    When you sit and tinker with a photo album, you are reminded of the people, places and events. This brings back memories of special days which you can savour. You not only give respect to your dearest photos, you also send extra love and thoughts to your loved ones when you see them displayed in a photo album.

    It's fun for several people in the family to create photo albums together. You can sit and select photos from your phones together, and then you can create beautiful photo albums where photos from everyone's phones are shared. This is fun in many ways, but one thing that makes it especially fun is that we all photograph each other from our own perspectives.

    A picture of a parent in the family can look very different depending on whether it's the other parent, or one of the children who has taken the picture. This makes the dynamics among the photos a little more exciting, so try it!

    Another lovely present to receive is a photo album with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Creating a photo album as a gift for other relatives can therefore be a good idea. You don't have to worry about it seeming egocentric, because we all know that pictures from other family members are lovely!

    Photo albums continue to be popular, despite the fact that (almost) all of our photos are now available digitally in our cameras, phones and computers. But of course, there is something very special about choosing which pictures you want, have them developed and spend a moment in peace and quiet to put them in a nice photo album, which you can then produce and browse or show for friends and family.

    Whether you want an album for a special event, such as a wedding or the birth of a child, for example, or an album that you fill up as you go, we have the photo album for you! We offer over 700 photo albums in several different categories and sizes, ranging from cute mini albums to large albums that hold up to 500 photos.

    An album filled with your own photos is a nice and practical way to save your best memories!

    What's right for you?
    It's easy to think "it's just a photo album", but there are some things that are good to think about before shopping. It should be an album that you like, of course, and also suits your needs. Below we have listed some points that are good to keep in mind.

    Timeless photo album1. Do you want to choose an album according to your own style or a particular theme?
    When choosing your photo album, you can either just select the album you're immediately drawn to; if it feels right, it usually is! But you can also choose albums according to a certain style: maybe it feels important that the photo album fits into your colour-assorted bookshelf, or stylistically fits into the interior design style you have at home? If you're looking for a photo album for a special occasion, for example for photos for your child's first year, there are many theme albums to choose from.

    Choose photo album by style
    - Classic elegant photo album
    Perhaps the albums that most people associate with photo albums, and which are at home in many people's bookshelves. This kind of photo album has long been the most popular among our customers, and you can understand why! Elegant albums in dark blue, black, white, red or green, often with details in gold or silver. They are suitable for most types of pictures and make for a nice detail on the bookshelf.

    - Modern and stylish
    Do you like a slightly more minimalistic style, without too much embellishment? Since a photo album can be as much an interior detail as it is for storing photos, the album can easily be made to fit your interior style. A book-bound album with a matte cover gives both a stylish and elegant feel, and becomes something that you're happy to have lying around as part of your decor.

    The Trend Line series is perfect for those who prefer albums with a more elegant look.

    Stilnet fotoalbum

    - Lively and colourful
    Colours and patterns liven up most things! Do you prefer a solid colour photo album in bright pink, a floral in green or maybe with colourful stripes? It's entirely up to you, and of course the photos you intend to insert.

    In the Fun series, there are many different variants of photo albums in beautiful colours.

    Select an album by theme
    There are photo albums in different themes and models, so no matter why you're looking for an album, there are a number of them that can fit. Here are some popular photo album themes:

    - Are the wedding photos to be developed and inserted into a nice photo album? There are many beautiful and romantic photo albums to choose from, choose one that you think fits your style and that highlights the photos of your big day in the very best way.

    - Are you perhaps looking for a photo album for all your favourite photos of the little baby? Save photos and maybe other small souvenirs from the first years, and when the baby gets older, you might bring the album out and sit together and look at what he or she looked like as a baby, something that is usually very much appreciated!

    - Do you have nice photos from your last trip? Dedicate an entire album to just your travel photos! Perfect for a rainy day and dreaming back to white sandy beaches, beautiful surroundings or perhaps the city's glittering nightlife.

    2. How do you want to upload your photos?
    Once you have chosen the style or theme you want on your photo album, it's time to think about how you want to arrange your photos in the album. Since there are a number of different ways, all of which have their own pros and cons, there are some things to bear in mind.
    - Do you want to sit in peace and quiet and paste each picture separately, put in small souvenirs such as tickets and other things, and maybe decorate with stickers or other nice things? If that's for you, there are many albums with blank pages that you decide how you want to fill.
    - Does it need to be fast? Maybe you have a lot of pictures to put in, or you simply do not have the time (or desire) to work with your photo albums, but would rather be done with the actual assembly so that you can enjoy the finished result. In that case, photo albums with ready-made pockets of various kinds are perfect, you insert the photos quickly and easily.
    - Or is there something in between you're looking for? In any case, there are a number of different options to choose from, so you can find what suits you best. Because even if you're mainly looking forward to enjoying or showing off, the finished result, the road there should be nice as well.

    Mount quickly and easily with different types of accessories!

    3. What size do you want your photos to be?
    If you choose an album where you have to paste your photos yourself, the size of the photos doesn't matter so much (provided that they fit the pages, of course), but if you're thinking of an album with ready-made pockets for the photos, it's important that the size is right .
    If you have already developed your photos, you can either choose a photo album where you mount the photos yourself with photo corners or glue, for instance, or an album with ready-made pockets for just that image size.
    - If you haven't had time to develop the photos yet, you're more free to choose albums ,and then you can develop your photos in the size that fits the album you have chosen.

    Do not forget that little extra!
    Depending on the type of album you have chosen, there are several products that can do the little extra for the end result.

    For easy mounting of pictures on blank pages, there are different types of glue and photo corners, and with a good pen, it will be even more fun to write a small note next to each picture (because it's so easy to forget which year that holiday photo was taken ). If you want to add a little extra spice to your album pages, snazzy stickers are perfect for adding the personal touch you are after!

    There are many great accessories to make your photo album a keepsake!