Picture frame workshop - Bespoke picture frames

If you have a picture with unusual measurements and are having difficulty finding suitable picture frames among the standard sizes, it's not a problem. Here, you can quickly and smoothly order a bespoke picture frame.

We also have two sub-pages where we've gathered all of our picture frames that have the maximum sizes -124x160 cm- and -100x160 cm- respectively. On the 100x160 cm page, you'll also find all the picture frames which work with 124x160. If you're looking for made to measure canvas picture frames / shadow boxes -click here-

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 306 products
    Showing 1 - 100 of 306 products

    Enhance your images with a custom-made picture frame

    Many really good pictures do not have standard dimensions and cannot fit in standard picture frames. Maybe you like to take panoramic photos? Or take photos in the square format? That doesn't means you have to give up all hopes of framing your photos! The solution to the problem is a custom-made picture frame. At BGA Nordic we have a frame workshop where we manufacture beautiful custom-made picture frames. Order your fully custom-made picture frames based on your preferred dimensions. Our aim is to offer you exactly what you want when it comes to picture frames, and to do so by providing good quality at reasonable prices. We also have a large assortment of ready-made large picture frames.

    When you are about to order your custom-made frame, you will find a large number of different stylish frames to choose from in our standard range. There is something for all tastes and decor. Are you after a highly ornate picture frame in gold for a painting? Or is it better for this particular occasion to go for a sober black or trendy white? Maybe you prefer a simple glossy varnished brown wooden frame, a frame that does not stick out too much but allows the viewer the opportunity to really take in the image? All our picture frames are of high quality. No matter your preferences and needs, we have exactly what you are looking for. Why not browse through our high-quality selection of custom-made picture frames and find one that suits you, your motif and your room the best? However, we always recommend that you also look through our standard assortment of photo frames for inspiration. There is often something there that fulfils our customers' needs.