Photo album for 11x15 cm pictures

These days, photos commonly come in the size of 11x15 cm (4.5x6") as this is the standard for digital compact cameras. If you have pictures that you want to print out and gather in a photo album, then this is the perfect size – your pictures will thank you.

Take a look below to see which of our photo albums catch your eye – we have something to suit all tastes.

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Album with photo pockets for 11 * 15 cm pictures

Here you will find all our photo albums with photo pockets adapted for 11x15 cm photos. This is a slightly newer format that is the standard measure for pictures taken with digital compact cameras today. If you're looking for an album for the printed photos that you have taken with your digital camera, these albums are probably exactly what you're looking for.

An album with photo pockets is an excellent choice for those who like their creature comforts. Adding pictures to fill out these albums is quick and easy, and you will avoid unnecessary and time consuming hassle. All you have to do to fill these albums is to stick your selected photos in the empty insert pockets. Then go on and just enjoy flipping through all the wonderful memories you have accumulated over the years.

Whether you are looking for a nice family album, a travel album or a colourful children's album, you can be sure to find it with us. We mean to be able to offer everyone what they are looking for, which is why we offer a wide and varied selection. We also have albums for both landscape and portrait photos. Read more about the albums that catch your eye by clicking on them. This way, you can compare their characteristics and find the album that suits you best.

All our albums are acid-free, which means that they are gentle on your photos and help them last a long time. With us, you will always find affordable photo albums of quality. Keep scrolling to find your favourites today!