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Do you want to have your own paintings or photos printed out on a canvas, to give your home that authentic feeling? Ordering high-quality canvases for your photos and pictures is fast and convenient with us. All our pictures are delivered mounted on a canvas frame, ready to be hung. You decide yourself which size, orientation, placement and cut your order has. The shaded area is the part that will end up on the sides and back of the canvas.

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    Showing 38 products

    Canvas prints

    When you want something a little out of the ordinary in your home, a canvas you have made by yourself is one of the coolest things you can imagine. The best thing about it is that it does not take long to do, when you choose us to help you.

    All you need to do to get your own printed canvas is pick and choose from your favourite pictures and send your choice in. It’s possible you may have more than one favourite - in which case you can send in several, and we will set up as many canvas prints as you want.

    Ideal both for at home and as a gift

    Creating your own canvas does not necessarily mean just hanging it on the wall at home, but it could just as easily make a great present. As you can choose whatever you want to print, you can make really fun, and personal, gifts!

    Do you have a photo that could be a nice gift? A photo you’d like to hang up at home? Maybe you have one image that is a real favourite that you would like to print both for yourself and as a gift? It is completely up to you to decide what you want to do - we help you with all the different sizes, so you will get exactly what you want!

    Medium, large or small canvas?

    The type of print you choose will determine which size canvas works well - some prints will look great on a small canvas, such as 30x40 cm. Other prints fit perfectly on a larger size, such as 70x100 cm. Then, of course, there are the prints that fit best on a small square canvas, such as 20x20 cm.

    Although it is nice to have several different canvases of the same size together on one wall, it is also nice to place a large canvas plus a number of smaller ones together.

    As it differs from room to room when it comes to what looks good, you can always mix it up a little so you have varying numbers of pictures on individual walls in different parts of the home.

    Fine with or without picture frame

    Whether it is canvases with your own prints, posters or something else, when it comes to pictures it's nice to use a picture frame. It’s also true that in some cases it is just as nice without a frame.

    Each print is different and therefore deserves its own style. We think it is nice to mix things up, but of course it is also nice to choose one special style to have throughout your room/home.

    Don't be afraid to try out new things with your decor, let your imagination run wild! Since we have a lot to offer, you can easily find what you want here with us. Furthermore, as you can choose any print you like for us to print on canvas, there are no limits to what you can find at home!

    Great with family photos on canvas

    One great tip that we want to share is that it’s really nice to create your own canvas pictures with family photos. For example, it is lovely to use wedding photos, baby pictures and the like on a canvas, instead of just having it printed on a poster or as an enlarged photo.

    All you need to do is select the image or images you want to use for your canvas, choose the size and position, and crop the image. Just these few small steps, and it’s done!