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KAILA is a new Swedish brand offering stylistically simple Swedish design and quality – for a reasonable price. Here you can find their selection of attractive poster clips for a fashionable and minimalistic way of hanging up your posters and pictures. The clips are made from metal and come in several different sizes and on-trend colours – find your favourite here below!

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    Showing 39 products

    Bulldog poster clips

    Bulldog clips are not just a stylish and modern way to hang posters, but also practical and good value. A picture frame is not always necessary to enhance an image, in fact, sometimes, a picture frame can detract from the image.

    It's easy to decide which posters look good hanging with a bulldog clip, and those which look best with a picture frame. If you're still unsure, it's straightforward to test at home.

    Different styles and different colours

    Even if you know a poster would look great hung with a bulldog clip, it's important to choose the colour of the clip wisely. Small details like this can have a big impact on the eye, so think about this when choosing your bulldog clip - we have something to suit everyone's tastes.

    Maybe you're considering a large, gold bulldog clip? Or a smaller one in black? You know yourself what would look best in your home.

    Poster bulldog clip sizes

    Depending on your own taste and the size of your poster, some bulldog clips will look better than others. Just have a browse through our selection and then measure up at home to work out what would look best.

    It can look really cool using chunky bulldog clips to hang small posters. You don't always need to choose a clip based on the poster, but instead choose a really stylish clip and then find a poster to go with it.

    Simple yet stylish

    With poster bulldog clips, you get both a simple and stylish way to hang your posters. No wonder it's become a trend! If you've not tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

    If it still wasn't enough to be simple, practical and stylish, then it's also really affordable. You can test a variety of different styles and sizes for next to nothing.

    A good tip is to buy a range of different colours and sizes and then try them all out at home. If you just buy one colour in one size and you're not happy with the result, then you'll have to order again. If you have a variety of options, you'll probably find the perfect look straight away.

    Display all your memories

    Sometimes, we find it hard to think outside the box, and if this happens, it can be hard to find inspiration for home decor. Our advice is to be as open and creative as possible, and you can find all sorts of accessories to make your home interesting. Try hanging up some photos and clippings with our bulldog clips - you'll be surprised how good the results are!