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A table light makes it easy to get a little more lighting in a room, and create a pleasant atmosphere. It spreads a harmonious glow in your home, at the same time as being an aesthetic decorative detail. Why not put your table light in a corner, or somewhere else where its light is needed? Maybe you need one for your bedside table? Or a reading light next to the sofa? Table lights also work well as window lights on windowsills. Welcome on in to our selection of stylish table lights!

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    Showing 25 products


    When you decorate your home, lighting is something you shouldn't forget. There are lots of different types of lamp, and table lamps are a kind you can't afford to miss out on. Table lamps both make for a beautiful decorative detail in your decor, as well as helping you to improve the lighting in your home. Good lighting is important, and helps to create a cosy atmosphere in every room of your home. If you've got an empty space at home on a worksurface or a side table, then it's the perfect place to put a table lamp. For example, you can light up a dark corner by putting a nice side table with a beautiful lamp there. A table lamp creates a cosy atmosphere and spreads a beautiful glow in any room.

    A table lamp is both functional and decorative, and you don't need to compromise between the decorative and the functional. But it can be a good idea to think about which function is the most important for you when looking for a lamp. That's because even if a lamp is both decorative and functional, different lamps suit different uses. If you're going to use it as a work lamp, then maybe you need one that is adjustable. Or what about if you want to have it on a sideboard? In that case, maybe you're looking for a table lamp with a lampshade, one which helps the lamp to spread a lovely soft glow. A table lamp also works perfectly as a window lamp!


    All rooms of your home need some kind of lighting, and in order to make things truly cosy, you might need more than one kind of lamp. A table lamp is a simple way of getting more lighting into your home, since it's easy to find a place for. Light creates a feeling of safety, and contributes to a nice atmosphere in your home – all at the same time as being a very attractive decorative detail. Lighting on different levels also looks good, and table lamps give you that possibility, since you can put them on different surfaces. A table lamp often gives off a more diffuse glow, since their light goes through a lampshade made from textile, glass or paper. There are also table lamps that give off a more concentrated light – for example, table lamp with stands and those without a lampshade. These lamps can be used to light up a specific, single place. Your home needs both diffuse and concentrated light. This is a combination you can achieve by mixing different types of lighting and table lamps. When you want to create perfect cosy lighting, it's a good idea to turn off a few of the main lights and let the soft glow of table lamps and other small lamps light up the room.


    Simply put, the best thing about table lamps is that they can be used both as fucntional lighting and as atmospheric lighting. Smaller lamps that spread a diffuse light are perfect for putting around the home and lighting when you don't need concentrated light. With that said, there are also table lamps that work perfectly when you do need concentrated light. Functional lighting is helpful for making chores easier, and makes it easier to focus. If you're going to use your lamp as desk light, then a good idea is to put it to the left of the desk, if you are right-handed, in order to avoid casting a shadow with your hand when you write. Or the opposite way around if you are left-handed. If you're sitting at your desk and working for long stretches of time, it can be a good idea to put the main light on so that you don't create too much of a contrast between the desk and the rest of the room, and so that it's not too much of a strain on your eyes. The fact of the matter is that good lighting in a room is important in many ways – it can help us to focus and see better.


    There are lots of different kinds of table lamps in our selection. When choosing a table lamp, it's important to check whether you need to buy a lightbulb, and which kind you need to buy. Some table lamp models have built-in LED lighting, meaning that you don't need to buy an extra lightbulb. LED ligthing often has a very long lifespan. LED lamps are often the most popular option today – they are a smart choice for the environment.

    Some table lamps are also compatible with dimmable lightbulgs, so you can adjust the lighting to achieve the desired strength. Buy choosing different lightbulbs, you can find the one that suits you best. When you've found the table lamp you want, don't forget to find out which kind of lightbulb suits it.


    If you get sick of your old table lamp, it's easy to simply change the lampshade and get a little variety into your home. It's fun to spruce up your home by tinkering with things and changing where you put them. Sometimes it's easy to get sick of things in your home, but it's not always easy to just change everything at once. That's why it's great to be able to freshen up things in simple ways, such as by just changing a lampshade and getting a whole new feeling in your home! It's a simple but simultaneously effective move. It's fun to match table lamps and lampshades with other textiles in your home to achieve a consistent theme in your decor.