Coffee table

A coffee table is more than just a place to put all your teacups, remote controls and newspapers. A really nice coffee table can set the tone of your whole living room! What takes your fancy – a small, large, square or round coffee table? Or what about a wooden, stone, glass or metal one? We've got living room tables in all sizes and styles – take a look in our selection!

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    Showing 8 products
    Showing 8 products

    Coffee table – good for almost everything!

    It's not hard to get a cosy feeling in a room with a good coffee table. You should choose your coffee table with care. A coffee table can take up a lot of space and steer the style of a room. Luckily, there are loads of lovely coffee tables to choose from, making the process a whole lot easier!

    Raise a room's cosiness factor with side tables

    Can a table help create a cosy feeling in a room? The answer to that question is "absolutely"! Maybe when you think of cosiness, your first thought is of textiles, small decorative details, plants and so on. But actually, choosing the right coffee table can do a lot for the cosiness of a room. Some think it's cosy to use a tablecloth, while others prefer to have a coffee table just as it is. Of course, you can use your coffee table both with and without a tablecloth. It's nice to change things up a little and alternate between a more dressed-up style with a tablecloth, and a more pared-back, minimalistic style without one.

    Which style suits you?

    Are you looking for a coffee table with modern style? The latest trend? A classic coffee table? Or maybe you want a coffee table with a more romantic style? No matter what kind of style you want for your new coffee table, you can be sure to find something that works for you. There are loads of kinds of coffee table, so everybody's sure to find a favourite! With pieces of furniture such as coffee tables, it can be good to go a little outside your comfort zone. Maybe it's fun to go for something a little bolder than what you're used to having in your decor? Of course, the opposite can be true too. Maybe you want something a coffee table with a more toned down design? Which one is best for you? Take a look in our range, and be open for new ideas to spruce up your home that bit extra!

    Large or small coffee table?

    What size of table do you want? Do you want large or small? Something in-between? No matter which size works for your home, you can always put it in front of your sofa. It's up to you to decide how to decorate your room with a coffee table! It's normal to put it in front of the sofa in your living room, but maybe it's also nice to have one by the side of the sofa, by a large armchair or the like. And remember that a table doesn't necessarily have to be used next to the sofa just because it's a coffee table. Maybe you'll find another place for it!

    Which material should I choose?

    What kind of material and surface do you prefer? Do you want lustre and steel? Or maybe you want a wooden table? A coffee table that combines steel and wood? It's up to you! There are lots of different kinds of wood to choose from, so if you want a wooden coffee table, it's easy to find something nice. Just pick and choose!

    The right coffee table gives the right feeling

    It's important to know what kind of feeling you're going for before you start decorating. It's not so fun to discover shortly after making your purchase that the furniture you've bought isn't right for the kind of feeling you want to create in your home. Everything in your home affects its overall feeling, including things like coffee tables as well as sofas, curtains and beds. It's better if it takes slightly longer if it means eventually finding exactly the right coffee table. You should also bear in mind that it's good to go for quality before quantity.

    A nice complement to your sofa

    When you've got a nice coffee table next to your sofa, these two pieces of furniture accentuate each other in a very aesthetic way. A coffee table with the right design means that your sofa comes into its own, and vice versa. No matter how you want to match your sofa and coffee table, there are lots of exciting possibilities. Maybe you want a more austere design for your sofa, while the coffee table gives warmer, cosier vibes. Or maybe you want to go for a soft and cosy sofa in combination with a minimalistic coffee table? Do you just want a soft feeling in your decor, or one which is stylish and austere? You just need to choose and go for it!

    Angular or round coffee table?

    What do you like best? Do you think round coffee tables look nicest, or do you prefer square or rectangular ones? Some people like angular furniture, while others think that round, soft furniture is more attractive. Choose based on what feels best for you – our furniture range is so big that it's impossible not to find what you're looking for!