Frame record sleeves

A perfect way to make your home personal and unique, such as your own picture, or why not a whole picture wall?

Record sleeveAre you one of those people who finds it hard to part with things? Objects and things are often connected with our feelings, and it can therefore be a question of sentiment when you declutter. Sometimes you might also think that "you never know when this could be of use again".

Regardless of the reason that we collect things, there are more or less productive ways to make the most of them. To just bundle them away and let them sit collecting dust is rarely one of the better alternatives.

If record sleeves are among the things you have collected throughout the years, we have a top tip to share with you. Frame it!

Isn't there something very special with the old sleeves of those vinyl records which have been scratched to oblivion? Sometimes it's just enough to look at them to begin to hear the music in your ears and dream of the memories we associate with them.

Choose a frame with care

By framing your record sleeve you get both a nice and personal decorative detail which will definitely be the beginning of many interesting conversations, and also the opportunity to view the sleeves in a simple way – every day. Without needing to root them out and dust them.

Without a doubt, the most aesthetic thing to do is to frame your sleeves in a frame of the same format - that is, square. By doing so, the frame will match the sleeve and appear as a nice detail which heightens and accentuates the sleeve. If you want a frame which strengthens the impression of the picture and draws the gaze to itself, choose a frame in a colour which is not totally in line with the sleeve. If you, on the contrary, want the frame to be barely visible, you should choose a colour which is close to the colour of the sleeve.

Consider also if you want a frame with a simple, discreet edge, or if you want one with a broad and ornate edge. This choice is crucial for how the picture ultimately looks.

Vary and combine

How many record sleeves do you want to frame? Buy several frames, or swap them out and vary the subjects as you wish. One alternative would be to make a whole picture wall with your framed sleeves – in this way, you can get a lot in with a small area. Even though picture walls are usually made with picture frames in different sizes, there is no reason why you can't make a wall with solely identical frames. The various subjects on the record sleeves will ensure that the wall is interesting and attractive regardless.

One final tip – if you're not too attached to the record sleeves and are keen to keep them intact, cut them up and frame just the front. Otherwise, it can be a little too thick and therefore hard to get the backing in place.

In our range, there is a large number of frames in just the right size (32x32 cm) if you want to frame your record sleeves. Choose from a variety of different colours and styles.