Lean the paintings against the wall!

Hanging the paintings on the wall might feel like the obvious choice, but to lean them against the wall instead can in many cases be just as nice. Here's the evidence!

We see more and more people who, instead of hanging their paintings on the walls, choose to casually lean them against the wall. A perfect alternative for those who want to get the paintings up without making holes in the wall — or simply because it's stylish, creative and a little different!

Decorating with paintings in this way creates space for both flexibility and creativity. Avoiding making holes in the wall makes it easy to test the waters, and we have seen many beautiful still lifes created where standing paintings have played a part.

Placements for leaning paintings

The painting (or paintings) are usually placed standing on a smart piece of furniture such as a Welsh dresser, chest of drawers or counter. Even smaller furniture such as bedside tables or a small side table can act as a stage for your smaller paintings. Some even choose to place larger paintings directly on the floor, which can also be quite decorative and modernly striking. In fact, there are no rules, and as previously mentioned, it's easy to try out different arrangements.

Here are some lovely picture inspirations of leaning paintings!

Along with green plants…
Paintings and plants placed on sideboards

… or with stylish and matching pieces of decor!
Painting on the Eiffel Tower against the wallpaper - black and white painting and speakers

Two paintings next to each other ... Leaning paintings on chest of drawers in bedroom

… or with a smaller painting slightly in front of a larger one.
Black and white paintings standing on sideboard

In harmony with other wall-hung, surrounding decoration…
Standing paintings on sideboard in living room

… in both children's rooms and sitting rooms!
Gold frame in children's room - black frame in living room

Nice and stylish…
Stylish interior with black frames and green plants

… elegant and fresh.
Living room with bright decor and bright paintings

Ready to decorate with leaning paintings?

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