Nest yourself in for autumn 2020

The home has really been in focus in recent months. That we spend most of our time – both working and relaxing – inside the walls of our homes has led to many giving more thought to how they can really nest in properly.

2020 is the year that our home really became our castle. The frightening reality outside has meant, more than ever, that we need a home where we can feel safe, where we can experience a sense of harmony. Like a large, warm embrace to fall into when a storm is coming. This phenomenon is undeniably reflected in the trends of autumn 2020. Below, you can read about some of them!

Soft shapes and cosy materials

This autumn, we're pressing pause on razor-sharp lines and angular shapes. The hard is being swapped out for the gentle and embracingly soft. Round and rolling shapes are combined with fluffy and cosy material.

Round mirror in rose gold against a grey wall - drop-shaped mirror against grey wallMirrors in soft shapes. In the picture to the left: Mirror Premium Rose Gold // In the picture to the right: Mirror Slim Drop Clear

Welcome back the 70s

Coloured glass, ceramics, corduroy and muted, earthy tones are super hot in the autumn of 2020! Here are some posters which reflect the autumn's darker colour palette:

Four posters in autumnal colours - yellow, dark red, brownFrom the left: 1. Girl walks in the dew // 2. Red Leaves // 3. The Offering // 4. Yellow basketball court

Personal and "imperfect"

The time for bare, cold and respectable is gone. Now, many are after a warm home with lots of personal details. Handwork, heirlooms, second-hand discoveries and other unique decorative details are taking up more room, to show our personality and tell a piece of history. Unique is more important than perfect, and flaws are charming, rather than irritating. Conscious consumption with well thought-out choices and decorations in recycled material continue, of course, to be fashionably modern.

Large mirror in recycled teakMirror Granada Antique in recycled teak

Dark wood

Dark wood is predicted to come into fashion in autumn 2020. Walnut-coloured frames will look fantastic on your walls!

Picture wall in office - dark wooden picture frames and green nature subjectsPicture frames in the picture: Stilren Walnut